For ripe seasons, Little residence on the Prairie caught what life was choose in the 1870s. The western drama about the Ingalls family premiered in 1974 and also lasted till 1983. The display launched number of actors’ careers, such as Melissa Gilbert, Melissa Sue Anderson, and Alison Arngrim.

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Although the present tackled multiple issues, it also featured holidays like Christmas. But are pan of Little home on the Prairie maybe to clock the series on a streaming service?


Melissa Gilbert together Laura Elizabeth Ingalls Wilder, Lindsay or Sydney Greenbush as Carrie Ingalls, Melisssa Sue Anderson as mary Ingalls Kendall|Ted Shepherd/NBCU photo Bank

‘Little residence on the Prairie’ had 3 Christmas episodes

Throughout the series, small House on the Prairie aired three episodes about Christmas. Follow to broad Open Country, every episode focused on the definition of the holiday. In the first Christmas episode, Laura Ingalls (Gilbert) tries to market her horse. Laura wanted to get rid of the horse to buy her mother, Caroline (Karen Grassle), a brand-new stove. Additionally, Caroline and also Charles (Michael Landon) take it on extra jobs to aid with Christmas presents. The episode additionally infamously contains Carrie (Sidney Greenbush and also Lindsay Greenbush) questioning her father what Christmas means. 

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Little house on the Prairie went ~ above to have actually several joyous moments in respect of Christmas. In the second Christmas episode, Laura is all grown up and expecting her first child with her husband Almanzo Wilder (Dean Butler). Although Laura began a family, she joined the Ingalls for Christmas. When they obtained snowed in, the family shared old stories about celebrating Christmas together. For the second installment, i m sorry aired in season 3, the Ingalls confronted a blizzard top top Christmas Eve. 

‘Little residence on the Prairie’ is easily accessible to stream

Little residence on the Prairie aired its final episode on march 21, 1983. Because it ended, the show discovered a new audience with the help of syndication. However, countless television watchers have actually pivoted come streaming solutions to watch few of their favorite shows.

In in march 2019, Little house on the Prairie found a streamer to contact home. Amazon Prime video picked increase the collection and its ripe seasons. The service additionally features shows choose The guys and Fleabag.

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“After 2 main of multiple health screens and asking everyone to quarantine, ns surprised my closest within circle with a expedition to a personal island wherein we might pretend points were normal simply for a short moment in time.”

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While some fans might view Little home on the Prairie for nostalgia, Gilbert stated some illustration still hold weight today. In an interview with Parade, Gilbert shared the show often parallelled what was going on during the 1970s and also 1980s. Gilbert additionally stressed the importance of duration pieces like little House ~ above the Prairie broadcasting to brand-new generations. The old episodes of Little home on the Prairie air in 30 nations worldwide, consisting of U.S. Networks prefer Cozi TV, UPtv, and Hallmark Drama. 

“I think it’s important to acknowledge our history. Our social history is as lot a component of our background as ours political background or any type of other type of background that we have. It reflects who us were at certain times in our breakthrough as a people. Not simply a nation but together a world,” Gilbert said. “Little residence on the Prairie to be an enormous part of that social history. Not just a social reflection that what the moment was prefer from ’73 to ’83, however who we were prior to then by informing the stories of this pioneers and what their stays were like.”

A reboot of ‘Little residence on the Prairie’ is in the works

According come Entertainment Weekly, pan of Little residence on the Prairie won’t have to binge the entire collection again for as well long. The outlet reported in December 2020 that Paramount TV Studios and also Anonymous Content has actually a reboot the the collection in the works. Practically four decades because the first series ended, the network plans to construct a one-hour dramatic series adaptation.

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Since its announcement, the studio hasn’t mutual who will certainly be in the new little House on the Prairie cast. However, Arngrim, that played Nellie Oleson, claimed she would sign up with the show and joked that she might play her character’s mother. 

“I’m simply the right age to pat Mrs. Oleson,” Arngrim said. “I’m entirely there. I have actually no shame.”