The U.S. Federal federal government has in ~ times encouraged the advance of roads, canals, and railroads as soon as it was valuable to the nation's expansion. When the U.S. Government determined a transcontinental railroad to be necessary, it stimulated private industry to construct one.

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Railroads, as personal companies, essential to engage in lucrative projects. So the federal government passed the Pacific railroad Act that detailed land grants to railroads. This listed public lands come railroad service providers in exchange for building tracks in certain locations. The idea to be that through railroad development in brand-new territory, settlers would follow, develop communities, and also increase the worth of land. Railroads might sell their parts of land and profit from their investment. The federal federal government hoped the railroad earnings would it is in reinvested for further expansion.

The U.S. Government provided the inspection of windy lands and also divided them into one-mile square sections. The federal government kept a portion of the sections. The railroads received alternative sections, in a type of checkerboard pattern. The federal government lands could be offered for homesteading or sold for a profit. Pendant of the land grants program believed it would certainly be effective for all parties.

Others were concerned around the relationship between the commonwealth government and private companies. Many railroads listed service to details regions, yet they can profit indigenous shipping goods to and also from communities. Those that opposed the land provide program feel railroads to be receiving too much of a subsidy. Between 1850 and 1870, 7 percent that the land in the United claims was offered to 80 railroads; largely in the west. Railroad suppliers were offered one-sixth the the floor in Kansas.

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