An emotional, evocative coming-of-age story about one deeply intelligent and also perceptive girl’s effort to uncover her very own voice in prerevolutionary Iran “An immensely moving, extraordinarily eloquent, and passionate memoir.”—Harold BloomRoya Hakakian was twelve year old in 1979 as soon as the change swept with Tehran. The daughter of an esteemed poet, she flourished up in a family that hummed with intellectual life. Family members gatherings to be punctuated through witty, satirical exchanges and also spontaneous recitations the poetry. However the Hakakians were also component of the very tiny Jewish populace in Iran who witnessed the iron fist of the Islamic fundamentalists increasingly tightening its grip. The is through the chaste confusion of youth that Roya explains her discovery of a swastika—“a plus sign gone awry, a dark reptile with four hungry claws”—painted on the wall near she home. Together a schoolgirl she watched as friends accused of analysis blasphemous books were escorted from course by Islamic culture guards, never to return. Just much later on did Roya find out that she to be spared a similar fate due to the fact that her teacher admired she writing.Hakakian relates in the most poignant, and also at time painful, means what life was choose for women after the nation fell right into the hands of Islamic fundamentalists who had declared an insidious war versus them, however we watch it all with the eyes of a strong, youthful optimist who somehow come up in the civilization believing the she to be different, understanding she to be special.A wonderfully evocative story, Journey native the land of No reveals one Iran most readers have not encountered and also re-creates a time and also place overcame by spiritual fanaticism, violence, and also fear v an open up heart.

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Roya Hakakian
is the author of A Beginner’s overview to America, Assassins the the Turquoise Palace, and Journey native the floor of No, and has actually published 2 collections of city in Persian. Her essays have showed up in The brand-new York Times and The wall Street Journal, and on NPR’s All things Considered. She has actually collaborated top top programming for leading journalism devices in network television, including 60 Minutes. She is the recipient of a Guggenheim Fellowship, and served on the editorial plank of World Affairs. Because 2015, she has actually taught at THREAD, a composing workshop in ~ Yale, and also is a other at the Davenport university at Yale. She resides in Connecticut.