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Jimi Hendrix ended up being a member that The 27 Club once he passed away in a shocking revolve of events. He passed away after security time with his last girlfriend Monika Danneman, and the impacts of his death were felt by fans anywhere the world. However, his final words room haunting in plenty of ways, if he additionally left a poem, mirroring his feel on the fateful day.

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On the work of his death, if details have been disputed, that is normally charline-picon.comnsidered he spent many of the day through his critical girlfriend and figure ska Monika Dannemann.

Dannemann was with Hendrix ~ above the night of his death, and also she said she prepared a meal and wine for them at her apartment in the Samarkand Hotel.

They climate drove come a friend’s house, where he remained prior to she went to charline-picon.comllect the in the at an early stage hours the September 18, 1970.


What were Jimi Hendrix"s critical words? (Image: Getty)


Jimi Hendrix performing on phase (Image: Getty)

Accharline-picon.comrding come Dannemann, the pair chatted at her level until the at an early stage morning before they saw sleep, in ~ which point she uncovered him unresponsive, yet breathing.

He was taken by ambulance come St mary Abbot’s Hospital however was pronounced dead in ~ 12.45pm.

Later, Dannemann revealed Hendrix had actually taken countless of her prescribed resting pills, which would certainly be far greater than the dosage.

However, rather have said different execution of his death, so the will most likely remain a mystery.


Jimi Hendrix composed a poem on his last day (Image: Getty)


The Jimi Hendrix experience (Image: Getty)

What were Jimi Hendrix’s last words?

Accharline-picon.comrding come The Guardian, Hendrix’s critical words were: "I need help bad, man."

Evidently the was aware he was in distress, but ultimately the charline-picon.comuld not be saved.

However, some feel Hendrix to be trying come send a more message, as there was a poem found by his deathbed.

Clearly people think he was trying come charline-picon.commmunicate in his last moments, and also the last words that the poem space reported as reading: “The story of life is quicker than the wink of an eye.

“The story that love is hello and also goodbye, until we fulfill again.”

In Tony Brown’s book, Jimi Hendrix: The final Day, the musician called Danneman: “I desire you to keep this forever ns don"t want you come forget anything that is written."

He added: “It"s a story around you and me.”

While the exact information about Hendrix’s fatality is no definite, it has actually been said he had actually a bath and also wrote the poem prior to his death.

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