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Does anyone have experience driving a 2 door with the behind seat folded? Owners manual says no and I i think that may be because it is no secure as soon as folded. Have not had actually a possibility to inspect it out on my brand-new Wrangler as I had to leave it in Illinois for a pair of months. We will certainly be driving it from Illinois come Arizona (with a week or 2 in the Colorado mountains
) in September. Due to the fact that we plan on driving many of the method with the half doors and rear home window off we might use the an are afforded through the folded seat.Once we acquire the Wrangler to Arizona the top and the fifty percent doors will be coming off semi-permenantly. The earlier seat will certainly be coming out as well, but I need to get it to Arizona.on edit: it"s a 2016 Sport

I drive through mine folded all the time. It"s still secured by the front latches. The only worry you can have is the falling backwards if you advice quickly. But if you have stuff stacked against it, you"ll it is in ok.

I too drive v mine folded many of the time. I run a bungee approximately the sports bar ~ above the passenger side and hook that on the steel loop ~ above the vehicle drivers side the the urgent seat.

I as well drive through mine folded most of the time. I run a bungee around the sport bar top top the passenger side and also hook the on the metal loop on the drivers side that the urgently seat.
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why not just take the out? Takes every one of 2 minutes to unlatch and also store in the garage. Increases the quantity of storage room in the back a ton contrasted to a folded seat.
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I got tired of the folded seat rocking earlier & forth, add to I have to move my seat forward to permit the chair to fold.Took it out; don"t miss it, love the extra room. It"s for sale, btw...Bob
I drive v mine folded all the time. It"s tho secured by the former latches. The only problem you could have is it falling backwards if you advice quickly. Yet if you have actually stuff stacked versus it, you"ll be ok.
Bunjie chord and also the seat doesn"t move...but can be lowered v ease in an instant when the should take passenger(s) in the back......doesn"t take place that often however it go come increase from time to time,and ns can"t view wrestling the earlier seat in and out,when it is needed.
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why not just take it out? Takes all of 2 minute to unlatch and store in the garage. Rises the quantity of storage room in the back a ton compared to a folded seat.

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