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I recently obtained a JC Higgins design 66 #583.605 12 gauge 2 3/4 complete Choke. Can anyone provide me with information and aproximate value. Thanks!

Is the the bolt activity gun? If so, ns think those to be recalled a couple of years earlier due come potential bolt problems. As I recall, just going indigenous memory, Sears was offering about $165 to anyone to simply send castle the bolt native those 12 gauge guns. Castle will save the bolt and you save the rest of the gun. The is a good deal since those weapons aren"t precious $165 IMO.I have actually a 16 gauge gun just like it, however unfortunately, the recall didn"t include the 16 gauge. Perhaps I might send it in anyway and also they wouldn"t know the distinction in a 16 gauge bolt and a 12 gauge bolt.
Please article For sale items in the proper Classified section.Semi-Auto Classifieds is only for finish Semi-Auto shotguns.Over/Under Classifieds is only for complete O/U shotguns.Items other than a finish shotgun go in other Classifieds.

The J.C.Higgins version 66 #583.605 is a High Standard version 66 ... It"s a semi-auto correct?From ... SSemi.htmlthe 583. Was used on either High conventional or H&R"s

583 REMINGTON/DESAI guess the perform I have actually is incorrect. Top top the list I obtained from a old woodworking machinery website, I view that other makes such together Winchester, High standard, etc, are not also bad.

ok, I found out, the this "583" is remington/DESA strength tools.well so much for utilizing that list. DOH
Thanks MarlandS! The version 66 is a semi-auto. What have the right to you call me about the dependability of this gun? Is it worth cleaning up and using together a field gun? would certainly you spend the money to have a variable choke device installed?
Every High standard I"ve been approximately has to be pretty good.Definately a field gun.Only you have the right to decide just how much you want to put into a $200 (top finish value) gun, if girlfriend shoot well through it and also it proves trustworthy I"d be in favor of it to be it mine.

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TimberToes, dontchya hate it when that happens?
I have a J. C. Higgins 12 Gauge version 66 583-605 Semi Auto and also am trying to find a owner manual and a schematic to take the covering ejector rod the end that is broken so that it can get welded.Can anyone help? I"m indigenous Whitinsville, MA
I have a J. C. Higgins 12 Gauge model 66 583-605 Semi Auto and also am in search of a owner manual and a schematic to take it the shell ejector rod out that is broken so that it can get welded. Have the right to anyone help? I"m indigenous Whitinsville, MA
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