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Photographs include portraits the McCauley, Edwards and also Collins household members; postcards the Parks" childhood dwellings at pine tree Level and also Tuskegee, Alabama; portraits of her mother and father, Leona and also James McCauley; brother Sylvester McCauley; husband Raymond Parks and a death portrait of Raymond Parks grandfather, Rev. Jacob Culbertson; photographs in ~ the finish of the album show Rosa Parks functioning in an office, working out or practicing yoga, at an event.

Title devised by Library staff.

Includes some photographic postcards and 3 photocopies from original photographs.

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Types:Photograph albums.gmgpc | Photographic prints1910-1980.gmgpc | Photographic postcards1910-1920.gmgpc | StillImage
Subjects:McCauley, James, 1886-1962 | McCauley, Leona Edwards, 1888-1979 | McCauley, Sylvester James, 1915-1977 | Parks, Raymond A. (Raymond Arthur), 1903-1977 | Parks, Rosa, 1913-2005 | joined States, Alabama, Macon County, Tuskegee, 32.4240286, -85.6916195 | united States, Alabama, Macon County, 32.373118, -85.684578 | joined States, Alabama, pine Level, 32.5837436, -86.4655311 | united States, Alabama, Montgomery County, 32.2202579, -86.2076143
Collection:Rosa Parks Papers
Institution:Library that Congress
Contributors:Library that Congress
Original Material:

Forms component of: Visual materials from the Rosa Parks records (Library of Congress).

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Publication might be restricted. For general information view "Visual products from the Rosa Parks Papers...," (http://www.loc.gov/rr/print/res/689_park.html)