Having a guinea pig very first aid kit in place have the right to be critical, especially when it concerns saving her guinea pig’s life in situation of any medical emergency. Although it cannot take it the place of a experienced vet, that can help you to tackle any type of crisis till you reach the vet.

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Guinea pigs room a playful creature; castle love to roam around and play v each other. Sometimes they may acquire aggressive and fight v each other, or possibly they can acquire hurt with something in your living space, or possibly they got some common health diseases.

In any kind of such scenario, you will absolutely need something to treat your wounds or illness and a fine maintained very first aid kit for guinea pigs might come in handy.

So, now that you understand you need a first aid kit for your guinea pigs in place, let’s quickly have a look at provides we would need.

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First and foremost you require to have actually a map which has contact details of few vets provided in it. Just in situation one is unavailable, you can conveniently reach the end to the other.

Now location this map at the former of package where that is easy to find. Just in situation of an emergency, you can reach the end to the vet immediately.

Second, you certainly need some necessary supplies in place. Something choose cotton buds, cotton balls, bandages, antiseptic liquid, tapes, scissors, tweezers, syringes, etc. Have to be stored together.

Just in instance some medical emergency arises you needn’t rush trying to find these items if you have actually invested some time and also money in keeping them organized.

Third and another important item ~ above the list of guinea pig very first aid kit is going to be some supplements and also disinfectants.

Guinea pigs can acquire aggressive in the direction of each other, and also in the process, they could scratch or bite each other, or probably they acquire some wound by some international object in any kind of such instance having something come clean your injury is going come come in handy.

You can keep a sterile solution for cleaning and also disinfecting your wounds.

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Some other vital items ~ above the list deserve to be towels, disposable gloves, weighing scales, guinea pig shampoo, tiny animal wipes, warm pad, wound powder, skin cream, etc.