When you to water the kool-aid into water, the little crystals go directly to the bottom because they are heavier than the water. If you left them over there without stirring, and came ago a couple of days later, girlfriend wouldn"t see any type of crystals ~ above the bottom. That"s since the ingredient in kool-aid deserve to DISSOLVE in water, which way that each little molecule that kool-aid gets suspended in between the molecules of water. As soon as that happens, you can"t see the kool-aid anymore...it"s trapped between the water molecules. Once you row kool-aid, you assist DISSOLVE the kool-aid in water by keeping all of the crystals turn off the bottom and also in the water. So girlfriend see, stirring kool-aid speeds up the dissolving,

Answer 2:

Are you referring to Koolaid in the granular form?If for this reason the koolaid seed sink in water because the grains have a greater density than that of water. Once your line the grains dissolve and go into solution wherein they remain due to the fact that the dissolved koolaid is miscible v water unlike oil (floats) or petrol (sinks). How long did friend let the koolaid remain in the water before you stirred it? I would think that if friend left it undisturbed for a long time (days) that would at some point mix top top its own.

Answer 3:

I"m no a chemist, yet I think I can answer your question around Kool-Aid. Kool-Aid is greatly sugar, i beg your pardon is heavier than water, so when you to water it in it sink to the bottom. Once you line it increase the sugar (and flavoring) dissolves so the you don"t have any type of solid particles any more. Stuff that is liquified in water will certainly not sink due to the fact that it is no much longer a physically separate thing. It becomes component of the water (or water-sugar-flavor solution). What happens if you pour the Kool-Aid in yet don"t line it? will it at some point dissolve? friend may need to wait a lengthy time, like over night. Shot it and let me understand what you find!

Answer 4:

It all needs to do v the price at i beg your pardon kool-aid crystals (basically the SUGAR!!) dissolves in water family member to the price at which the street crystals sink. If you just dump the ingredient in, it sinks due to the fact that it is denser than the water. As it sinks it dissolves. However when girlfriend stir the water, the price of resolution becomes higher than the rate of sinking and also so the crystals dissolve before they reach the bottom. So it all needs to do through the comparison in between the rate of sinking versus the price of dissolution.Now I have actually an experiment for you. What happens if girlfriend mix up some Jello and also instead of letting that sit still, you keep stirring it??? will certainly THE JELLO ever SET??You may have to borrow your mom"s mixing machine because you will certainly get tired of stirring after ~ 10 minutes!!!! If you do the experiment let me know just how it turns out. Actually, girlfriend should set up a control. Make two batches that Jello...with one, placed it in the refrigerator and dont stir; with the other, keep stirring that (in the refrigerator), if friend can figure how to arrange the without your mother or dad obtaining mad!!!

Answer 5:

Materials sink in water if their displacement is lower than an tantamount amount that water. I.e. A delivery floats since the full volume the water that need to be moved aside come sink the ship actually weighs more that the ship. Another method of looking in ~ it-- as soon as the delivery is afloat ~ above the water, if the moves under then much more water is displaced-- and this water pushes back on the ship-- keeping it afloat. If, however, the ship is pushed right into the water so that it have the right to fill -- it will sink quickly because it now weighs far much more -- and more than the water outside.In girlfriend question, Kool-aid is a mixture of several compounds -- among them sugar, citric acid, and also food coloring. Each of these components is denser 보다 water -- for this reason they will sink as soon as added. However, when stirred, numerous of the contents dissolve in water -- i.e. Lock either type compounds through the water or lock are damaged into very little molecules that the substance. These new molecules are so little that come them the water is much more like a bag that ping-ponk balls i m sorry is gift shaken. In together a bag, a slightly heavy ping-ponk round will often tend toward the bottom -- but only a an extremely heavy one will stay on the bottom. (The ping-pong balls stand for individual water molecules). Most of the Kool-aid compounds are little enough to continue to be suspended.However, given a lengthy time, the heavy materials will loss to the bottom of some mistures -- because that example, the bright green plant dye chlorophyl will certainly make a eco-friendly solution -- however will sink come the bottom of some solutions in a duration of a pair of days.The issue is complicated by surface tension-- if girlfriend look carefully at the Kool-aid powder as it is included to the water -- some small pieces will stay on the top of the water even though they are denser than water. This is simple to watch if friend drop a tiny amount of corn-starch top top water -- it will certainly sit there on the top. In this case, the water won"t easily wet the surface ar of the material, and the surface ar will not bend in a very sharp edge -- therefore the product is bouyed. Of course, if the product dissolves, the will ultimately sink... Watch if you have the right to see this.

Answer 6:

The koolaid flour are little crytals which space bound to every other.

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When you stir lock up, friend encourage the bonds in between the molecule to break and also the molecules enter the water. If you don"t stir, yet wait long sufficient (assume the water doesn"t evaporate) what will happen then?