Update: On Sunday, September 9, CBS announced that chairman and CEO Les Moonves would step down, efficient immediately. CBS had been investigating sexual misconduct allegations versus Moonves; a report detailing the allegations by Ronan Farrow in the New Yorker previously this summer was adhered to this Sunday by secondary story with an ext accusations. Moonves said Farrow in a statement that the "appalling accusations in this write-up are untrue."

Moonves"s mam Julie Chen, who is the organize of The Talk and also Big brother on CBS, announced shortly after that that she would certainly be taking part time off. “I am acquisition a couple of days turn off from The Talk come be through my family,” Chen stated in a statement noted to Deadline. “I will be ago soon and will view you Thursday night on huge Brother.” The Talk Season 9 premiered there is no Chen.

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On the September 13 illustration of Big Brother, Chen made a big statement in support of her husband once she signed turn off for the night. “From exterior the Big Brother house, I"m Julie Chen Moonves. An excellent night," she said. It was the first time she had used her married surname on the air.

Chen has chose to leaving The Talk, and will announcement her leave in a videotaped segment ~ above September 18"s episode, CNN reported. She will continue to host Big Brother.

For 14 years, Leslie Moonves and also Julie Chen have been just one of the media’s most an effective couples. Moonves, 68, was until this weekend the chairman and also CEO that CBS, and Chen, 48, is the host of two mirrors on the network, big Brother and The Talk. Now, their relationship may be put under the media’s very own microscope, together Moonves is the topic of a New Yorker investigation by Ronan Farrow that contains allegations of sexual misconduct.

In July, Chen released a statement sustaining Moonves, calling that a "good man and loving father, devoted husband, and also inspiring this firm leader."

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— Julie Chen Moonves (
JCMoonves) July 27, 2018

In 2004, 2 weeks after his divorce to be finalized, Moonves married Chen, and Chen said she instantly saw the effect of their marital relationship in the workplace. Moonves thinks the contrary to what some might assume, marrying that may have actually hurt Chen’s career. "It more than likely hasn"t aided her to be married come me in regards to that," the told BuzzFeed News.

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“I had currently spent a good chunk that time working v my co-workers and then the job we got married, i saw certain people act me differently,” Chen added.

Initially, Chen didn’t expect to it is in a parent—or a wife—because she was concentrated on she career. “I never ever wanted to have kids and I never wanted to gain married,” Chen called BuzzFeed News. The changed, she said, as soon as she met Moonves. The two welcomed a son, Charlie, in 2009; Moonves has actually three kids from his ahead marriage.


Chen still master Big Brother, and also joined The talk in 2010; she winner her very first Emmy, for exceptional Writing one-of-a-kind Class, for the display in 2014. Moonves ended up cutting his wife’s own salary for Big Brother’s celebrity edition, which had actually fewer episodes. "He comes residence for dinner and also says in a an extremely Godfather, mafioso-style, "Jules, friend tell your lawyer this is no a negotiation. This is what the deal is and also you"re walking to accept it." and also I said, "Is that the way you speak to her wife?"" Chen said The Hollywood Reporter. "He said, "You tell your attorney this is not a game we"re playing. Everyone"s acquisition a haircut. This is the only means it will make feeling financially."” the lawyer? Leslie’s brother, Jon Moonves.

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Chen has actually said the an essential to their connection is communication—because if not, points can obtain pretty rough. “We yes, really don’t fight. I’m a very easygoing person—I wake up up happy—and my husband, he has actually learned just how to counting to 10 backwards in his head,” she told Larry King. “He says, you have actually no idea how numerous times i bite mine tongue, because the one time the didn’t, he doesn’t respond well to ice cold, I will certainly shut off and shut down. That works. Ns won’t even be in the room for you come ask, what’s the matter? I will ice friend out.”