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Tequila the is do in the timeless way—entirely indigenous the blue agave plant—is normally gluten free. However, some cheaper brand of tequila are considered "mixto," an interpretation they are not entirely made native the blue agave plant. Together a result, castle might contain gluten.

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Here's a perform of tequilas that are made in the classic fashion indigenous 100% blue agave, which means that they space gluten free:

Agavales GoldCalle 23Casa Noble AnejoCasa Noble CrystalCentenario PlataDon Julio BlancoDon Sergio (1942, Resposado, and also Blanco arrays only)El Destilador BlancoEl JimadorEspolonFortaleza BlancaHornitos black color BarrellJose Cuervo (Tradicional, Tradicional Silver, Platino, and also Reserva de la Familia varieties)Legado BlancoLunazul ReposadoMilagroOlmeca Altos Plata Siete LeguasSuerte Tequila BlancoTequila TapatioZapopan

The Basics of Tequila-Making

The blue agave tree is a high-sugar plant, and all that sugar goes right into making classic tequila. On the other hand, if "mixto" tequila obtains at least 51% the its sugar from the blue agave, that can get the various other 49% from other sources that fructose and glucose.

Whenever over there are various other sources involved, gluten have the right to sometimes enter the picture—for example, wheat have the right to be used to create glucose syrup. That said, it's unlikely that a tequila manufacturer would use a gluten ingredient in this process. However, if you want to exercise an abundance of caution, stick v traditional, 100% blue agave tequila. It's much more expensive, however it's better to be safe than sorry.

Mixto tequilas won't be labeled "mixto,"—they'll simply say "tequila." There room many more mixto tequila brand on the shelves 보다 there space 100% blue agave tequila brands. Remember, a tequila that's made from 100% agave will certainly advertise that reality prominently. Look for those that do.

room Tequila Mixers Gluten Free?

There space a variety of ways you have the right to drink tequila, ranging from directly shots (the salt and also the lime wedges are gluten free, however you"ll need to obtain gluten-free beer because that the chaser) to margaritas. Tequila connoisseurs drink the neat and choose just 100% agave tequilas.

If you drink margaritas, it deserve to be a small trickier come ensure the your drink is gluten free. It's common to use a cheaper, mixto tequila in mixed drinks choose margaritas. That means the an initial thing you'll should do is make sure the tequila supplied in her drink is 100% agave.

Traditional margaritas covers tequila, triple sec, and lime or lemon juice. Triple sec liqueur is distilled native orange peels, and also the well-known name brands cool Marnier and Cointreau space gluten free. You likewise can use non-alcoholic triple sec syrup (Monin triple sec syrup is labeled gluten free).

When you acquire into margarita mixes and flavored margarita drinks, it deserve to be even harder to assure a gluten-free beverage. There room dozens of feasible ingredients varying from pineapple and coconut come beets and also hot sauce. Therefore, you'll must double-check every ingredient come be certain that her margarita is safe to drink.

Frozen margaritas space even an ext problematic due to the fact that they can be make from a mix v mixto tequila added.

It's quite fashionable to have signature margaritas where every bar supplies a different recipe. Uneven you uncover a bartender who has an in-depth knowledge of the various areas that gluten can hide (or better yet, if you discover a bartender that actually adheres to the gluten-free diet themselves), friend may have actually trouble verifying the gluten-free standing of the assorted drink ingredients. 

A Word indigenous Verywell

Most cheaper tequilas will not save gluten, also in map amounts. If you are specifically sensitive come gluten cross-contamination, stick come the greater quality 100% blue agave tequila—those tequila varieties should be completely gluten free. If you"re ever in doubt, it"s best to protect against the drink entirely.

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If tequila"s not for you, there are plenty that other varieties of alcoholic beverages you deserve to enjoy when you are following a gluten-free diet. You"ll find some species of gluten-free vodka, wine, beer, rum, and even part whiskey and gin.