‘Chocolates’!….Isn’t the word itself enough to make your mouth water?I know that plenty of of you are not like me yet I am sure that there are a most you the end there who go crazy at the sight and smell that chocolates….

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Well friend can’t really blame us; the people of chocolates is a substantial and priceless one and one can’t help being addicted come it.

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Now, living in Pakistan, every various other average human being has accessibility to this tasteful choco-world but this is where the problem arises. As far as the local chocolates space concerned, it could be alright however normally we, Pakistanis, have tendency to to buy imported chocolates, it is in it for our very own selves or because that our relatives.This may be ours complex, preference or simply taste. Over there is nothing wrong in the phenomenon (I, myself, to be an imported chocolate lover) yet the point is: due to our usual careless attitude, we typically don’t stroked nerves to inspect if they room halal or not. The general mindset is پاکستان سے لی ھے حلال ھی ھو گی۔۔۔۔۔ . What carry out you mean by حلال ھی ھو گی?

Okay, still i agree the you room not come blame…..this is a general attitude amongst us and a matter upon which we usually perform not stroked nerves to ponder. I, personally, to be a part of this group. In fact, ns never also bothered come think around it…..but All worship is to Allah that made me realize the seriousness the the matter a few years ago.

Initially, I had actually to go through a many trouble in school when I make the efforts to press my friends to examine imported products prior to consumption. Nobody listened to me and I only became a target of mockery. However, as the moment went by, I slowly learned just how to tackle together situations and Alhamdulillah, all my friends examine their food now.

Fine; I understand there are a many authenticity difficulties on the internet and one regularly goes stunner trying to postmortem a specific product….but now I’ve discovered a systems to that difficulty as well….I have discovered that most foreign companies are straightforward to reach v email or contact forms (easily accessible online) and also normally they give you a response within few days.

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By the way, ns would favor warn girlfriend further; this worry is no only minimal to chocolates however being Muslims us must check all our food. As Allah states in the Quran:‘O you People!Eat that what is on planet ,halal and pure ,and execute not monitor the footsteps that satan, certainly for he is to you an open up enemy’(2:168)

To make things easy for girlfriend guys, i have chose to re-superstructure a couple of emails I have actually received from various companies, so girlfriend don’t need to go through the problem of contacting them.

1. Hershey’s

From the manufacturers of Hershey’s

Thus it mirrors that you need to inspect the “make” of Hershey’s products. If they space made in China or Malaysia, only then they are halal.

Then someone gifted me Hershey’s Miniatures. I sent post to the agency through facebook. Here is the screenshot of their response

Hershey’s Miniatures

2. Lindt Chocolate

Lindt Chocolates

Lindt claims that the all the DARK chocolates spread in Pakistan room Halal. There is Arabic description at the ago of chocolates which space imported via middle East.

Response from Lindt Chocolates

3. Mars Company


Luckily every the chocolates manufactured by Mars firm are halal, the means, Mars, Bounty, Snickers, and so on are halal.

Mars Chocolates

Further over there is additionally authentic info for all Nutella lovers. Nutella made by Turkey (the bigger jar) is fine to eat.

Response native Nutella

Red fancy M&Ms should it is in avoided as it has actually keratin, which is no halal. Every Nestle products manufactured in UAE space halal.

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Keep in mind, ‘you are what friend eat’ and I assure you that if you control yourself for Allah you’ll never regret it because that ‘Indeed Allah is v those who execute sabr’.

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‘So eat of the lawful and great food i m sorry Allah has detailed for you.And be grateful for the Graces of Allah, if it is He whom you worship” (16:114)

Why not be the first ones to take this step and earn the satisfied of Allah! ns sincerely inquiry you begin doing it for I assure you; this will certainly not only benefit you in Akhirah but additionally in dunya (personal experience!)