Birth nameGary Gene WatsonYears active1970s–presentInstrumentsVocalsOccupation(s)singerGenrescountry musicNameGene Watson
Gary Gene Watson (born October 11, 1943) is one American nation singer. He is most renowned for his 1975 fight "Love in the warm Afternoon," his 1981 #1 struggle "Fourteen Carat Mind," and his signature song "Farewell Party." Watson"s lengthy career has notched six number ones, 23 height tens and over 75 charted singles.

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Watson to be born in Palestine, Texas, in 1943. He began his music career in the 1960s, performing in local clubs in ~ night while functioning in a Houston auto body shop throughout the day. He tape-recorded for just a few small, regional record labels having actually a local hit "Bad Water", till 1974, once Capitol documents picked increase his album Love in the warm Afternoon and released it nationally. The title track, a mid-tempo ballad in three-quarter time, was released in June 1975, and it quickly reached Number 3 on the Billboard magazine Hot nation Singles chart.


Watson"s national success ongoing throughout the late 1970s and also early 1980s, together he videotaped several Billboard top-40 hits, consisting of "Where Love Begins," "Paper Rosie," "Should ns Go home (or must I walk Crazy)," "Nothing sure Looked great on You," and also "Farewell Party," which to be released in 1979 and also quickly ended up being Watson"s signature song and also the namesake the his farewell Party Band.

In February 2012, Watson, commemorated his 50th year in the music service with the relax of best of the Best, 25 biggest Hits (his very very first single on radio "If that Was the Easy" released in 1962). The arsenal of songs to be re-recorded come recreate the originals as very closely as possible. The job was developed by Dirk Johnson and released top top Watson"s own Fourteen Carat Music label. In June 2014, Watson exit an eleven monitor CD "My Heroes Have always Been Country," all pure, classic country music, covering hits by several of his music heroes such together Merle Haggard, ray Price and also Lefty Frizzell. Top top February 26, 2016 Gene Watson exit his 33rd studio album titled "Real.Country.Music." This 13-track CD contains classic country music and also the first single relax is "Enough because that You", a song written by Kris Kristofferson.

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Gene Watson was inducted right into the Texas country Music room of fame in 2002 and also inducted right into the inaugural class of the Houston Music room of fame in respectable 2013.