Given:In ΔRST ,PQ is a line parallel to RS and also dividing RT and ST in same ratio(by basic proportionality theorem)


simple Proportionality theorem says that if a heat is drawn parallel to one side of a triangle to intersect the various other two side in distinctive points, the various other two sides are split in the exact same ratio.

Therefore, the length of QT is 65 cm.

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The size of SQ is 7 cm.

Step-by-step explanation:

Since we have given that

Length the RP = 6cm

Length the PT = 18 cm

Length the QT = 21 cm

We need to uncover the length of SQ.

Since PQ is parallel come RS.

So, their proportion would be very same anyhow.

So, that becomes,


Hence, the size of SQ is 7 cm.


10 cm

Step-by-step explanation:


PT = 30 cm

RP = 5 cm

RT = RP + PT = 35 cm

TQ = 60 cm

See figure attached

It is evident that angles

and also
space equal in both triangles. This means that the connection PT/PQ = RT/RS and also TQ/PQ = TS/RS need to be fulfilled. Replacing with data (units room omitted)

30/PQ = 35/RS

30/35 = PQ/RS

PQ/RS = 0.857

60/PQ = (60 + QS)/RS

60/(60 + QS) = PQ/RS

60/(60 + QS) = 0.857

60 = 0.857*(60 + QS)

60 - 0.857*60 = 0.857*QS

QS = (60 - 0.857*60)/0.857

QS = 10


A. 22 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

By the Thales organize we recognize that: If we have two parallel directly lines and also they reduced other two ones, for example lines that a triangle climate they develop proportional segments, i beg your pardon means:

RP is proportional come PT and also SQ is proportional come QT, we have the right to express the as:


And we have:

RP is 8 cm

PT is 16 cm

SQ is 11 cm



We need to calculate QT:

QT= (16*11)/8 =22cm



step-by-step explanation:

by looking at the figure, we can determinate the the distance sq is 6cm, given that:

pq and also rs space parallel.

the street pr is 5cm.

the angle s watch minor that angle r.

for this reasons, the others alternatives are really unlikely to it is in correct.

Option A.


Step-by-step explanation:

we recognize that

In the figure

The triangle PTQ and also RTS are comparable by AA Similarity Theorem


Remember that

If two number are similar, climate the proportion of its matching sides is equal



we have




------> equation A

substitute the values and solve for ST




substitute the worth of ST in the equation A to uncover the worth of SQ


Option C 10 cm

Step-by-step explanation:

we know that

If two triangles are similar, climate the ratio of its equivalent sides is proportional

In this problem

Triangles PTQ and RTS are similar



we have

PT=30 cm

RT=PT+RP=30+5=35 cm

QT=60 cm




Solve for SQ



SQ=70-60=10 centimeter

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