Coterminal angle room angles in standard place (angles through the initial side on the hopeful x -axis) that have actually a common terminal side. For example 30 ° , − 330 ° and also 390 ° space all coterminal.


To discover a positive and also a an unfavorable angle coterminal v a given angle, you can include and subtract 360 ° if the edge is measure up in degrees or 2 π if the angle is measure in radians .

instance 1:

discover a positive and a an unfavorable angle coterminal v a 55 ° angle. 55 ° − 360 ° = − 305 ° 55 ° + 360 ° = 415 °

A − 305 ° angle and also a 415 ° angle room coterminal through a 55 ° angle.


instance 2:

find a positive and also a negative angle coterminal v a π 3 angle. π 3 + 2 π = 7 π 3 π 3 − 2 π = − 5 π 3

A 7 π 3 angle and a − 5 π 3 angle space coterminal v a π 3 angle.


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