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Hyperbole is just one of the techniques Oscar Wilde offers most frequently in The prominence of being Earnest . Hyperbole—exaggeration because that effect—enables Wilde to satirize the man ideas and also behaviors the the victorian British upper class. There are countless examples throughout, yet I will list a few, one from each act...

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Hyperbole is among the methods Oscar Wilde supplies most often in The prestige of being Earnest. Hyperbole—exaggeration for effect—enables Wilde to satirize the man ideas and also behaviors that the victor British upper class. Over there are many examples throughout, but I will certainly list a few, one from each act of the play, and also explain their effects.

In the play"s very first act, Jack access time Algernon at his house in London. It transforms out Jack left his cigarette instance at the residence last time that visited. When Algernon discover he has the case, Jack exclaims,

I wish to kindness you had actually let me know. I have been composing frantic letters to Scotland Yard about it. I was an extremely nearly giving a big reward.

Here, Jack speak Algernon he has actually consulted the police to investigate his lacking cigarette case. This is an apparent overreaction ~ above Jack"s part, i m sorry is make even much more ridiculous as soon as we uncover out he just carelessly left that behind in ~ his friend"s house. 

In plot 2, Algernon meets Cecily for the very first time at Jack"s country home. Only minutes after meeting her, Algernon is kicked the end by Jack. As soon as Algernon has actually to component from Cecily, he rhapsodizes:

Cecily, ever due to the fact that I very first looked upon your wonderful and incomparable beauty, I have dared come love you wildly, passionately, devotedly, hopelessly.

This is exaggerated since they have just met, the course, and the adverbs Algernon supplies to explain his love because that a mrs he simply met are completely over-the-top. Algernon values format over substance, so talking in this method can substitute because that true feel or deep feeling. Cecily is same superficial, therefore she is conveniently impressed through Algernon"s rhetoric.

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In plot 3, as soon as the guys are about to be christened (to readjust their names to Ernest), Cecily asks Algernon, "To you re welcome me girlfriend are ready to confront this fear ordeal?" phone call baptism a "fearful ordeal" is a clean exaggeration. The process is straightforward and does not entail any type of physical danger. It is also hyperbolic the Cecily is so impression by Algernon"s "willingness" to go with with this "ordeal."

Hyperbole is just one of the devices Wilde uses to satirize the top class"s frivolity and superficiality in The prominence of being Earnest. His exaggerations permit the reader to see he is poking fun at the ridiculous concerns of the many privileged members the his society.