Whether you’re a craftsman who had a very bad day at work or a child who had a very fun day at school, getting glue stuck in your hair eventually loses its whimsy and becomes a problem. Even before you try to remove it, glue can cause scalp pain and damage hair just as it dries and hardens on your head.

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There are commercial products available, such as bond removers, which are designed for this specific purpose, but those options are both expensive, harsh to the point of being caustic, and typically aimed at individuals who are living in a waking nightmare involving botched hair extensions who are willing to try anything.

Try out these methods first. They’re cheaper, safer, and much gentler, which is something you’ll likely welcome if you’re currently reading this with a sticky scalp.

1. Shampoo and Conditioner

The safest and the easiest way to remove glue from your hair is by using shampoo and conditioner. Take a bath and apply a generous amount of shampoo on your hair. Unlike your usual shower routine where you’re likely quite vigorous and quick with frothing up your shampoo and conditioner, be patient and be gentle, especially if you’re an adult trying to shampoo glue off of a child. If the glue is even slightly solidified, scrubbing too hard can be painful and damage the scalp.

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Rinse down the shampoo with water and remove the excess water from your hair. Apply conditioner on your hair and leave it on for 5 minutes. Rinse with water. When your hair is dry, comb and determine if there is still glue on your hair. Repeat the process until all the glue is gone.

2. Conditioner and a Comb

You can easily remove dried glue on your hair by applying a small amount of conditioner on the area that contains the glue and combing it down with a narrow-toothed comb.

Gently comb from scalp to the hair ends. As you begin to make headway and free some strands, use a clip to separate these combed sections to prevent them from getting re-stuck on any glue that’s still present.

3. Rubbing Alcohol

Soften the glue on your hair with mild rubbing alcohol. Apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol on the concerned area and allow the alcohol to sink into the glue for five to ten minutes, depending on how thick, dried, and matted it has become.

As the alcohol loosens the glue slightly, gently massage the affected spot with your finger until it is feasible to use a wide-toothed comb to remove the glue. Comb out as much glue as you can, and then switch to a narrow-toothed comb to remove the stubborn pieces.

4. Dishwashing Soap

This option is particularly helpful if you are having trouble with bonding glue from a mishap with hair extensions. If bonding remover products and simple shampoo have already failed you, a thorough soaking with dishwashing soap can finally begin to loosen the hardened glue.

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