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I obtained the trailer brake controller for my truck and the instructions show how to take it the dash confront off to download it but it doesn"t show how to take the facility console out of the way first...or at least remove the optimal of the console.Anyone have an exploded view? or understand what"s holding the together? The last thing I want is to damages my brand-new truck.Thanks,Steve
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I don"t have a newer Ram v the complete floor consolemine is a 2009the floor console has actually rubber insertsone is nearly under the center dash bezel, that is big enough to organize a pair that glasses, ( 2 screws over there )the cup holders may have rubber inserts toothen there must be one close come the armrest & another where the large bin where the cigarette lighter is locatedRemove every of those inserts & you will uncover screws under few of those insertsmine looks favor this
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Exactly - you need to pull turn off the plastic chrome trim ring It"s just snapped in, so work-related it increase slowly and carefully. Climate pull the end the rubber inserts, and you"ll watch all the bolts in the bottom. Remove them all, and also you can pull up the bin w/ cup holders. This bring away a little screwing around, yet it will come out.There"s an access door top top the chauffeurs side the you have the right to pop out, so you have the right to see within a bit.

Thanks, i think i can gain away with just taking the peak silver trim off, it only covers the prior plate through a tiny so i don"t need to take the whole console out. For this reason under the rubber"s I"ll find the screws and then just pop the peak up?GT Yankee, mine looks similar to yours there is no the shifter.

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Stevewww.monteman.comMods: Tinted front windows, UnderCover tonneau bed cover, action rails, bed mat, cabin air filter, 4 edge mud flaps, slush mats, drop in k&n filter.
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