Valentine"s day is quick approaching, therefore we assumed there"s no far better time to compile a list of distinct Persian terms of endearment for you come shower your sweet love with. Countless of this terms are similar to those found in the English language, while some are rather different, and also would nearly be insults (or nonsensical) in English.

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1. Aziz-am


This is one of the most common Persian regards to endearment, and also simply way "my dear." You"ll hear Iranians to speak this every the time, whether to lovers, friends, or household alike, and even to human being they"re not very close to.

2. Joon-am


This is a slightly more extreme ax of endearment and way "my life," yet as us know, Persians space prone to exaggeration and have no difficulty using extreme language casually. So, again, this is a term that may be offered with mere acquaintances and also with much more intimate friends. The word joon, while literally an interpretation "life," can likewise be provided to typical "dear," and also commonly follows the utterance of a name. So for instance, if you space talking to your friend Sarah, friend can contact her "Sarah joon," as a pretty gesture of friendship.

3. Jāné del-am


This is a an extremely romantic hatchet (but again, have the right to be used for family and also friends) meaning "the life of my heart." A note below that the word jān is the same as joon checked out above. These two words room the precise same and also can be interchanged. For this reason jooné del-am, jāné del-am, either method is sure to ignite love and also passion.

4. Sheereen-am


The native sheereen in Persian method "sweet," and also this hatchet is comparable to calling someone "honey" or "sweetie" in English.

5. Hamsar-am


This ax falls more into the "lover" category, as it is a typical word because that "spouse." However, hamsar literally way "equal head," for this reason it stands for an same partner, and is because of this a poetic means to allude out one"s far better half.

6. ātashé del-am


This is a good example that the fiery passion of Iranians. ātashé del-am is a usual phrase to usage for love ones, and literally means the fire of mine heart.

7. Delbar-am


Delbar is a hatchet that refers to someone who has actually stolen or holds her heart, therefore delbar refers come a soulmate or true love.

8. (moosh) moosh-am


What"s through Persians and also using mice as the summary of cuteness and also desirability? we don"t know, but it"s usual to contact a loved one moosh, or tiny mouse. Simply a small warning, saying it the way we have here, moosh moosh-am is absolutely one the the cheesiest things to contact someone, however also an extremely sweet.

9. Jeegar-am


Similarly, what"s through Iranians and also liver? phone call someone her liver, or jeegaram, is just one of the many romantic the compliments.

10. Nāzanin-am


Nāzanin is a word definition sweet or dear, and is likewise a usual Persian girl"s name. Words nāzi (pronounced naazee, not choose the German word) is additionally a typical word of endearment and also has a gentle and also sweet connotation.

11. Omr-am


Similar to joon-am, the native omr in the Persian language method life, so when you contact someone omr-am, you room calling them your life force.

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12. Nooré cheshm-am


This term of endearment is pretty me explanatory. Eyes are the window to the soul, and also this is a method of telling someone the they are the irradiate of those windows.

And that"s it, 12 words that you can call your Persian lover. Space there any terms of endearment the you"ve heard or used that we"re missing? If so, leave them in the comment below! Also, because that a finish lesson of phrases to use v friends and also lovers, be certain to inspect out great 19 of discover Persian through Chai and also Conversation!

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