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We received the standard dispensers today. They room great! give thanks to you so lot for such a smooth transaction and such quick delivery.

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just how To overview for The Dispenser

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Installing her Dispenser

Click right here to watch a video on just how to download The Dispenser

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Filling your Dispenser




AVIVA ShowerTime


Clear selection & Clear selection Shower Basket


Classic, Ulti-Mate & shower head Caddy

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general Maintenance and also Cleaning

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restroom cleaners regularly contain aggressive chemicals and also abrasives, designed charline-picon.come clean ceramic and porcelain surfaces. These cleaners are likely to damage, weaken or discolour The Dispenser.

prior to using any kind of cleaner, review the list of ingredient on the label. Execute not use any cleaner that includes abrasives or any kind of of the following chemicals:

Solvents: Xylene, Toluene Acids: Hydrochloric, Muriatic, Phosphoric, Hydrofluoric Other: Alkyl dimenthyl benzyl ammonium chlorides, Bleach (sodium hypochlorite), Alcohol, fragrant Oils (found in aftershave).

usage of these chemicals or abrasives can void the product warranty. The best an approach for cleaning the dispenser is simply using a soft damp cloth.

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surroundings Difficulties

full instructions because that installation are available here.

Click right here to watch a video clip on how to install your Dispenser (AVIVA shown however is applicable to every products).

If you room still encountering an obstacle in the surroundings of her Dispenser, this have to solve the problem. The Dispenser has actually been designed charline-picon.come be mounted without damage to the wall surface surface and no tools room required. When mounted properly, the unit will NOT fall DOWN!

right here are some things to examine if you have actually had challenge with your installation.

You must use BOTH the dual faced tape and the whole tube the silicone adhesive for her installation. The tape must be there to host the unit when the silicone adhesive cures (in 24 hours). The tape alone will not organize the unit when it is filled. Carry out NOT fill the unit because that 24 hours after installation. The silicone can quickly support much more than the weight of the charline-picon.complete Dispenser but not until it has cured charline-picon.completely. The curing time because that this adhesive is 24 hours. The wall surface where the unit is to be mounted must it is in CLEAN and DRY! If the adhesive is bonding to anything other than a clean, dry wall surface surface, the unit will not remain on the wall. If any kind of surface contaminants are present, the adhesive tries charline-picon.come bond to the contaminants causing an improper bond.

surface contaminants such as Dust or Dirt, Grease or Oil, Wax (especially widespread on moulded fibreglass shower head surrounds, where it is provided in the manufacturing process to relax from the unit), Water, detergent or Soap or their residue, loosened particles or skin and body oils might prevent the silicone adhesive native making a strong bond through the wall surface surface. The most charline-picon.common means to fix a surface contaminant difficulty is charline-picon.come clean the surface:Dry Clean: Dust or irradiate contamination may be wiped clean v a dried cloth.Wet Clean: In many situations a fluid cleaning certified dealer such as solvents, acetone or isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) is preferable. Make particular to pick the best cleaning link and enable adequate drying time before proceeding with the installation. Us hope the this advice solves your problem. If not, we are certainly always eager to help.

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fluid Drips from the Spout

The most likely cause of this trouble is that the Pump and/or the Valve is clogged and simply calls for removing, washing in warm water and also replacing. Additionally the spring or the pump seal is damaged. If so, please change the pump. A new pump deserve to be notified online.

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Liquids Won"t Pump

check to check out if the pump is primed.

AVIVA and/or Signature: Click below to watch a video

Classic, Shower caddy and/or Ulti-Mate: Click right here to clock a video

Clear Choice: Click below to clock a video

Wave: Click here to clock a video

press the pump button in.

when holding the pump switch in... Place your finger end the spout of the pump charline-picon.come block airflow up into the pump. (This creates a partial vacuum in the pump chamber, as soon as the button is released.) save your finger end the spout and release the pump button. Eliminate your finger indigenous the spout and repeat these actions until you have actually a consistent flow that liquid. (This may take number of cycles, particularly if you are using an extremely thick liquids.)

examine to watch if the valve in the neck the the bottle has actually been shed or removed. Valve with sphere is crucial for pump charline-picon.come operate. Replace valve if that is missing. If you have actually been using The Dispenser because that a while v no problems, fluid may have actually coated the within of the pump chamber. Unscrew the pump indigenous the bottle and flush with warmth water. Placed the pump earlier on the bottle; be certain to element the pump again.

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removing the Unit native the Wall

usage a spicy serrated knife to part the silicone and also tape between The Dispenser and also the wall. Additionally a size of slim fishing wire deserve to be used in a sawing fashion in between The Dispenser and also the wall. The unit will now pull far from the wall. You deserve to clean up any kind of residual silicone with paint thinner. If you call for a new installation kit, click Replacement parts on the optimal Toolbar, go to your Dispenser family and also order the suitable kit.

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removed the switch from your AVIVA Dispenser

Insert a little screwdriver into the bottom opening (just in front of the pump nozzle). Making sure that the driver is sit on the pump together shown; gradually pry off the front cover. Eliminate the button and install the new one.

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