The brand-new model Ford F150 comes with a power tailgate the you have the right to operate electronically through remote control and manually from inside by pushing the latching handle.In the instance of a tailgate damaged handle or faulty opened mechanism, there deserve to be several feasible causes due to any type of defective components of the locking system. How to open Tailgate with broken Handle on Ford F150? You have the right to use screws and also rods to move the rotating latch to open the tailgate v a damaged handle top top Ford F150.

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Contents1 just how to open Tailgate with broken Handle ~ above Ford F150?1.1 Working device of Tailgate Lock1.2 symptom of the broken tailgate handle1.3 What reasons the Tailgate manage to Break?1.4 Easy approaches to open the Tailgate through a broken Handle on Ford F1501.5 exactly how to fix the tailgate handle and also its assembly?1.6 just how to change the tailgate broken handle?1.6.1 remove the tailgate liner and accessibility panel1.6.2 Unscrew the nuts to eliminate the handle1.6.3 Spray penetrating oil and white grease1.6.4 install the new handle1.6.5 Reinstall the assembly1.7 cost of replacing the Tailgate Handle
How to open up Tailgate with damaged Handle on Ford F150?Different components of the tailgate ~ above Ford F150 incorporate a handle, rotating latch through two rods top top either side in which 2-latches on both ends to lock it with the truck human body in instance of a closeup of the door tailgate. You will additionally find an electronic actuator that automatically latches or unlatches the door by pushing a push-button or via a far control.The tailgate handle permits you to open with your hand through pulling it upwards. The rotating latch attached with a handle and an digital actuator controls the side locks top top both political parties via a pair the rods on one of two people side.

Working device of Tailgate Lock

Opening the tailgate is a basic mechanism that works as quickly as girlfriend lift the manage upwards. The rotating latch attached through the handle rotates and pulls the fastened rods in an inwards direction.That results in drawing earlier of latches ~ above either side of the gate. A hydraulic mechanism slowly pushes the gate downwards until it achieves its horizontal position. That is necessary to stop the tailgate native falling with a bulging sound and also save the truck from damage.

Symptoms the the broken tailgate handle

Proper working and regular maintain of every the relocating parts including, the rotating latch, handle, and electronic actuator mandatory the unlock the tailgate through ease.Some of the typical symptoms that the tailgate unlocking fail are broken handle, malfunctioning that the actuator, broken rotating latch, visibility of dirt or grit in gears of rotating parts, and defective side locks. You will observe any type of of the symptoms during the tailgate operation and also any unexplained sound or if you room unable to open up it despite pulling the take care of or advertise the remote regulate button.

What reasons the Tailgate manage to Break?

Proper rotation of the latch attached come the tailgate manage is crucial for smooth operation. If any parts the the rotating latch or itself obtain stuck because of corrosion, rust, or dirt, you shot to run it will certainly become difficult for you. As the latch does no rotate and all the applied force consumes on the handle. It results in a broken handle together it is can not to be affected by each other such hefty pressures.The most probable reasons for breakage of the take care of are rusting next latches as they are current on the tailgate sides and susceptible come exposure come moisture, dirt, and also dust.Handle web links to the rotating latch through the help of a small metallic spring which transfers the force as you traction the handle to open. In situation of too much pressure, the feather breaks, and the linking mechanism in between the handle and latch breaks. In the case, your manage becomes inoperative, and also you have to open the by accessing its internal parts.

Easy methods to open the Tailgate through a broken Handle on Ford F150

The tailgate lock assembly can locate on its interior side inside the panel cover. Girlfriend can get the back tailgate part by rise on the truck bed.Unlock the dashboard cover by opening the screws manually. In front, friend will uncover the rotating latch with two rods on either side.Rods have actually threads on their ends to change their size according to lock settings. 2 plastic retainers v locks store them in their place. First, girlfriend should shot to move the rotating latch come unlock the gate. In situation of restricted movement, troubles can be in the next latches or actuator assembly plastic gears. In the case, friend unlock the plastic retainers to relax the rods that connect the rotating latch v side latches. As quickly as you totally free the rods, the tailgate will open to that is horizontal position.After the door is open, girlfriend should check the possible reasons for this fault and also take remedial measures. In instance of damaged parts, you have to purchase a new one and replace them with faulty ones.

How to fix the tailgate handle and its assembly?

The broken tailgate handles resulting in the latch defect and getting stuck. One more cause of its failure because of the compressive pack from a rear-end collision. Another way, if the manage is finish breaks off, then first locate the bar i beg your pardon attaches. It opens up in a method that you put your hand right into the handle room use for its opening. If you cannot repair this, then remove it v the well-reputed brand new.Sometimes the latches are the famous reason because that this defect. This are present on the tailgate top top both sides. It becomes coated through dust and also dirt causing lubrication, or white grease vanishes through time resulting in stickiness. Girlfriend can apply a sufficient initiative to open up this tailgate leads to stress and also breakage occur. If you placed the brand-new handle and do not emphasis on the latches, your new one also breaks down in a quick time.The latches affix fix through 2-bolts, remove one through one and apply some penetrating oil choose the ice cream graphite type.In this case, this end up being evaporates, and also constituents favor graphite absorb inside the latch. The security layer type gives the good working.

How to replace the tailgate damaged handle?

When your truck tailgate handle break as result of various causes, you have to replace it. It includes couple of steps which comment on in detail.

Remove the tailgate liner and access panel

For the removed of the tailgate handle, you need to remove the assembly. The tailgate liners settle with T27 Torx little eight bolts, so you need to unscrew and also remove it and detach it.The take care of mechanism sheathe by the access panel. You have to remove that accessibility panel for the easy access of removing and also replacement the handle. The bolts still organize it in its place so it can loss off best away.

Unscrew the nuts to eliminate the handle

For this step, you need a socket and ratchet. Tailgate handle screw v 2-bolts of approximately 10mm. You have to unscrew it through the required tool kit.Pull the handle right earlier and remove out. Friend detach in this way. The inner mechanism becomes grounding or freezing, and also the handle breakdown.

Spray penetrating oil and also white grease

The manage mechanism and also latchet call for penetrating oil. You have to spray the on either next to cost-free it up. White grease additionally helps in the movement, so use it. 

Install the new handle

For the new installation, you need the same dimension of the tailgate handle as a reputed brand. Replace it with the brand-new one and align or settle it with the brand-new bolts because that attachment. Tight it v the socket and ratchet.

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Reinstall the assembly

In the end, place the accessibility panel and liner back to the position and tighten it with eight Torx bolts. In this way, you have the right to fix the tailgate manage assembly.

Cost of replacing the Tailgate Handle

Tailgate handle is the most common component you can purchase indigenous hardware stores or order the online.It is pretty much inexpensive and costs about $15 to $20 because that plastic ones according to your location and also truck model. Friend will find improved versions with a metallic human body in the price range of $25-$30.Related Articles:How to remove the inside door panel on Ford F150?How to replace the brake grasp cylinder on Ford F150?How to enable tow haul mode on Ford F150?How to open up Ford F-150 hood from outside?Is It easy to remove Ford F150 Platinum Tailgate Panel?Adding tailgate action to F150