so that keeps screaming and also whining around random shit, every the time and also im kinda geting tired of it, im home for x-mas vacation, and he no shut the posesthe up

im open up for significant sugestions :P and trolls r wellcome too!

(ps he is favor 13 and also still sleeps in my parental bedroom..

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sounds favor he"s immature, overlook him or just tell him come fuck off. Worst comes to worst turbulent him increase a bit.

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Look that straight and also deep in the eyes, and also in the many sincere voice you deserve to muster, say, "you"re going to be a virgin till you"re 47 if girlfriend don"t shut the posesthe up."

If it doesn"t job-related he"s gay. And also you tell him the every time that annoys you. When again with all the sincerity you deserve to muster.

slip anthrax into his his breakfast then when your parental go the end for work reduced him into tiny pieces, litter him right into a garbage bag and also bury the in your yard.

Tell him to was standing at one side of a room, (preferably biggest room in the house). It spins him no to move, go as far back as girlfriend can. Run and also launch the double leg flying absent to his head, and also knock him through the window. Look"s epic and is effective.

LMFAO hmmm grab him by his feet and hang him exterior of a window... And also say if u dont stfu ima fall u ight and watch what he claims then ;)

Ever thought the factor why he"s continuous talking and bugging you is because he wants to invest time with his large brother? Why no be a dick for once and also chill v him, afterall that is Christmas.

Ever thought the factor why he"s constantly talking and also bugging friend is due to the fact that he wants to invest time through his large brother? Why no be a cock for once and chill v him, afterall it is Christmas.

me he is nagging at my parrents and shouting and also screaming, and also it it s okay annoying for me reason i have to sit there listn to it

The ideal solution! tape his mouth and then super glue his hands with each other so that can"t take it turn off :).

This lol, before i relocated out i literally would continue to be in my room and only go down to gain food + drink and also to leave v the prior door when i walk out.

Quite honestly, this is the finest idea. Acquire him addicted to Runescape, he wont leaving his room and we won"t stroked nerves you.

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