Let’s say, you’ve arrived residence after a long day of work and also you see large clay stains on her favorite carpet. Currently you’re going out of her mind thinking you’ll have to buy an additional carpet. Well, friend don’t have actually to due to the fact that it deserve to be easily fixed.

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But the inquiry is: how to eliminate clay native carpet?
Following ours 6-step method will remove any kind clay from your carpet. First, you should remove as much clay as you can. Then, dry and vacuum the carpet. After ~ that, apply a clean paste and clean it. Then, use a detergent solution. Finally, usage a heavy steam cleaner and dry out the carpet.

However, there’s more to the process. So, if you happen to have actually some preventive time, stop start-
How to eliminate Clay native Carpet?Step 1: remove as much Clay together You CanStep 2: dried the Carpet and also Vacuum Step 3: apply a clean PasteStep 4: Clean the cleaning PasteStep 5: use a detergent SolutionStep 5: usage a steam CleanerStep 6: Dry out the Carpet FAQsWrapping Up

How to eliminate Clay native Carpet?

While a lot of of world struggle to remove clay stains from their carpets, it’s no that hard if you follow the correct steps. This is what you need to do-

Step 1: eliminate as much Clay together You Can

We all recognize that clay is wet and also it can quickly get into the yarn of a carpet. That’s why you have to remove as lot clay as you deserve to right after it fell on her carpet.
You can use any kind of from a butter knife come a dustpan. Use whichever you favor to scoop up the clay. 

Step 2: dried the Carpet and also Vacuum 

After you’ve scooped increase the clay, it’s vital that friend wait because that at least 8-10 hours for the clay to dry. When it’s dry and hard you rest it into pieces, make it easier to remove.Then, plug in your vacuum cleaner and thoroughly vacuum the area. This method you’ll remove many of the clay from the surface of the carpet. However, don’t think that this is end yet. There’s still a considerable amount that clay stain on your carpet. 

Step 3: use a cleaning Paste

First, you have to soften increase the area v some warm water. Pour a small bit of warm water top top the stained area and wait 2-3 minutes. Then, use a cleaning paste over it. We suggest using fast n Brite or Oxiclean. This two have actually a an excellent track record in removing any kind of kind that stain.Use a clean white rag or towel to scoop a great amount of cleaning paste. Place the rag ~ above the clay to appropriately mix it. Currently take some time to carry out it as it’s crucial to mix that perfectly through carpet fibers.

Step 4: Clean the clean Paste

You have to provide it some time come work prior to you eliminate the cleaner paste. No waiting will certainly make the job much more an overwhelming for you. 

The cleaner will certainly have sufficient time to execute its task in 10 to 15 minutes. After this, friend will discover that the clay stains are practically faint and also come come the top. 
The cleaning process is fairly simple. However, you must be careful. The clay have the right to spread even further as it is loosened up. So, shot not to spread it.Now grab one more clean white cloth, and clean the area. Mental to proceed switching come a cleaner section of the towel to clean the cleaner paste. Since it would certainly be type of pointless if you spread out the stain even further. After every the cleaner paste has been cleaned the end the stain will be much lighter. But that is not the procedure ending.

Step 5: use a laundry detergent Solution

The detergent is a second layer of systems to remove the clay. So, it’s essential to use it ~ the cleaning paste. Now you require 1 cup that water and a couple of drops the dishwasher detergent to acquire the solution.Remember to usage dishwasher laundry detergent for this purpose. Laundry detergent can damage your carpet.These deserve to be mixed in a bowl or in a spray bottle. Though it works far better with the spray bottle.Now spray part detergent equipment on the clay and also use a clean rag or file towel to wipe it out. Repeat the process until you empty the bottle.

Step 5: usage a heavy steam Cleaner

Get all set for the last cleaning. Seize your vapor cleaner and also plug that in. It’s it s okay if friend don’t have actually one. You have the right to rent one for a couple of bucks.Run straight lines over the stained area through the steam cleaner. Return it wouldn’t hurt to clean your entire carpet. Girlfriend can likewise use it to clean her house.After a few minutes, you’ll check out that yes sir no stain left and your carpet is back to its original state. However, this lot wear and also tear can damage your carpet. So, make certain you prevent your carpet indigenous fraying at edges. 

Step 6: Dry the end the Carpet 

It’s time to dry it ~ the carpet is vapor cleaned. Note that the carpet have to be dried as soon as possible. You watch if the humidity is there for also long, bacteria and fungi will begin breeding.

Switch top top the fan for a quick dry-out. If you don’t have actually a fan in your room you can use some silica gels. In a couple of hours, the liquid will be soaked up.


Question: deserve to I use vinegar to eliminate clay indigenous a carpet?Answer: Vinegar is a an excellent natural product with a most use. If it can remove a many stains, often it’s not enough. If you mean to eliminate clay from a carpet with only vinegar, climate you’re walk to be disappointed.Question: have the right to I to wash clay stains off a carpet?Answer: Theoretically, you deserve to do that. Yet it won’t be effective as it’ll take it a lot an ext effort and time.Question: have the right to I use a brush rather of a vacuum cleaner?Answer: friend can pick to use a brush however it’ll price you time and also effort.

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Wrapping Up

Removing clay from a carpet is not a common scenario. However with the help of our guide, us hope now you recognize how to eliminate clay native carpet.So, if you in a instance where girlfriend clean clay stains, you’ll recognize what come do.Good luck!

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