Drifloon have the right to be basic to miss in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, particularly if friend don’t satisfy the requirements for recording it.

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Diamond and Pearl is no stranger to Ghost/Flying-type Pokemon – in fact, Sinnoh is house to some very creepy creatures. However, Drifloon is arguably among the many unsettling. This balloon Pokemon might not look that imposing, but it is filled with the soul of both people and also Pokemon. If that wasn’t bad scary enough, Drifloon is also known to steal children.

It’s absolutely not difficult to view why Drifloon made it onto our creepiest Pokedex entries of all time list. Unfortunately, you’ll need to catch this Pokemon if you wish to finish your Diamond and Pearl Pokedex. Of course, similar to Munchlax and also Combee, recognize Drifloon can be a rather tricky feat.


How to capture Drifloon in Pokemon Diamond & Pearl

The Pokemon CompanyDrifloon can be found in the sink Windworks.

If friend accidentally KO Driffloon and forgot come save prior to the battle, then merely reset the game’s clock and also reenter the area. A brand-new Drifloon should appear in the exact same spot. You’ll need to increase Drifloon’s level to 28 if you wish to evolve it right into Drifblim.

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Now that you know how to add Drifloon to your collection in Diamond and Pearl, you’ll be prepared for the Brilliant Diamond and also Shining Pearl Remakes. Be sure to inspect out our Pokemon hub for every the latest Pokemon guides and news.