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vault Generations 3rd Gen What? Golbat quit evolving! started by Sydian march 24th, 2013 11:20 to be

Sydian PokéCommunity Supporter decision Tier Also well-known As al, syd, alolandugtrios Moderator

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As we know, FRLG space remakes of the original games Red and Green. Games that were released after ~ the originals added in new evolutions for some initial Pokemon, such as Crobat evolving indigenous Golbat. However in FRLG, the require for the nationwide Dex was very enforced, uneven in Ruby and Sapphire, the an initial games of the third generation. As soon as trying to evolve a Pokemon like Golbat or Chansey, the video game will not let castle evolve right into Crobat and Blissey dong if the player go not have the national Dex. Perform you think this to be fair, and a great way to continue to be true come the originals? perform you think that shouldn"t have actually been included? was there a much better way come go roughly this, yet still incorporate the require for the national Dex?Clearly lock learned your lesson, together seen v evolving Pokemon in HGSS...

vaporeon7 PokéCommunity Supporter crystal Tier Also recognized As Vapor, Aaron, Vappy

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This was an ext frustrating than having actually people"s brat kids knock end the itunes map stand in ~ work and also not also yell at them for it. Ns really hated it. I hated geting told my Chansey was going to evolve every level, and stop. They should"ve simply kept v what they go in HGSS, they did it right then.
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that actually kept me from making use of a Golbat in FR/LG, due to the fact that I didn"t desire to attend to every level having actually Golbat enter the advancement screen and being can not to evolve. An extremely annoying. I can understand why they walk so, since the games were remakes that versions the were roughly before these evolutions, but still. It limits the options of Pokemon that deserve to be provided if one doesn"t desire to deal with the constant interruptions every level.
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Golurks Were expected to fly PokéCommunity Supporter crystal Tier Also known As Tom, Golurk, GolurkIsDaBomb


ns hated this little feature. Ns did a nuzlocke ~ above firered (my very first one ever) and I operated so tough to train up my zubat who i walk tin mountain moon. Zubats are difficult to train in gen III at that level, because they only understand leech life or something. And then. Once my golbat was happy enough, she started to evolve... And also they made the look prefer she was going to... And also THEN SHE DIDN"T.So basically I dislike this feature even if it renders sense i still I just omg that ruined everything and also I dislike it. I think lock should have done it like it to be done in HGSS where you could evolve mons to their "new" evolutions.
ns coveted this little feature, since I would have uncovered a pest but... Hey, really these men are awesome! favor the experience GolurkIsDaBomb narrated, it also broke people"s hearts, but fortunately ns was patient as soon as I trained Chansey, so i didn"t obtain surprised once it didn"t evolve after four levels of good training and legit happiness.
This really bothered me, because I"d never really acquired the opportunity to usage a Crobat in Gold, i made a point to try to gain one in FireRed. I honestly didn"t think evolving mine Golbat would work until i beat the upstream Four, but lo and behold, it began trying to evolve much earlier, only to leave me disappointed.I understand that castle didn"t want to tamper through the original 151 in the Pokedex (and i don"t blame them), yet I would"ve lot rather have had Golbat not even try to evolve than gaining teased like that.
I assumed it strange once my Golbat stopped evolving as soon as it to be going come evolve. Ns looked up why it stopped on Gamefaqs and also still was upset through this. It did destroy some that the game though.
I to be amused through this when lot of human being were asking what"s walk on in ROM hacking ar =DSo together a hacker, I would say, lock should simply omit this...As a player, i would desire to enjoy the remake together close as feasible so I would leave this function there.
ns was for this reason frustrated as soon as my shiny Golbat couldn"t evolve into a Crobat. Once I discovered out the you had actually to acquire the nationwide Dex, I simply transferred him to Diamond and from Diamond come White 2. It to be such a ache to obtain that eco-friendly Golbat to evolve.
This should not have happened because you could train a Chansey come high happiness and have to store it in your E4 party as soon as it might not it is in much good
ns knew nothing around this feature since I"d constantly have the national Pokedex on paper before also trying.
I never experienced this issue since I never ever used a Golbat no one a Chansey on my LG team. This sounds like one more issue with the Gen 1 work again, please again in general.
This was most likely one of mine bigger complaints around FRLG was just how they treated Pokémon from later on generations favor they never ever existed. I taken GameFreak"s initiative to store FireRed and also LeafGreen as close as possible to the originals, however to prevent particular Pokémon native evolving to their following generation stages to be a silly point to do especially with how they went around doing it.It"s not like no one knew about these Pokémon at the time, therefore why shot and prevent it? i don"t know, I never really gained why they did it. Thankfully, castle learned from your mistakes when emerging HG/SS.
Hikamaru PokéCommunity Supporter Platinum Tier Also known As Nichole, Nichy, Hika, Hikari Discord Nickname Hikamaru

Yeah i was never ever fond of the reality they made Chansey and also Golbat no able come evolve was nearly like exactly how you couldn"t evolve Eevee into Espeon or Umbreon there is no trading come R/S/E first. I sorta guess video game Freak to be trying to it is in close come the original Red/Green/Blue but preventing evolution to the new stages was favor a slap in the confront to those who were expecting them to evolve.I"m glad HeartGold and also SoulSilver allowing evolution of the Pokemon the evolve by discovering a particular move showed video game Freak learned their lesson.
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uneven most human being in this thread, i really preferred this feature, and I didn"t favor the reality that castle didn"t encompass it in HGSS. As much as i loved my Ambipom in HG, and also I understand I would"ve never used Aipom if I had to wait till after the E4 come evolve it, that just always felt sort of off to have actually Gen IV Pokemon running roughly in the main story that Johto.
ns really didn"t notice. The whole reason ns played Firered was ONLY because the graphics were far better than the original red. Ns wasn"t interested in the brand-new generation pokemon when i play it. Ns played v the original Pokemon and made certain to play v the same glory together i would have had actually i been born five years younger
It never really bothered me that much however I always questioned how difficult it can have to be to code it so they only show evolution after the national Dex is obtained, together in it i do not care activated.
i think it was a great thing as it made that a 100% ethical remake, despite I have personally not encountered the problem.I expect if the development didn"t show up at all it would be better.This yes, really annoyed my girlfriend the various other week as soon as he didn"t realise that Kingdra was introduced in Gen II which halted his in-game strategy to complete the video game a huge amount.

I understand that they were trying to be true to the originals however I think that was a silly point to do, imo. You might easily trade national Dex Pokemon to FRLG indigenous RSE or something and also it would simply come up unregistered, ns don"t acquire why they had actually to take the end the evolutions :

Olli PokéCommunity Supporter decision Tier Also known As Olli

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I never actually competent this myself, as I"d never trained neither Chansey or Golbat come evolve in my leaf Green, although ns learned around the "feature" a if back. I view what Gamefreak to be trying to perform with it, however, the idea of remaking is to obtain them increase to day after all, and also that means including what the various other games listed us with, ie brand-new types, brand-new Pokemon, etc. If they went solely for a graphical update, then sure, it"d be acceptable, however the enhancement of the totality Ruby and also Sapphire thing renders it clear that they weren"t, and also that kinda contradicts the totality thing about staying true come the originals. I mean, of course they"re added through the national Dex later on on, however it wouldn"t damage anything to include a couple of extra Pokemon because they were evolutions included in a later on gen. And if lock really want the part before beating the league to be an exact copy of the an initial games, simply with the updated graphics and also mechanics, they really should"ve waited v the entirety Sevii Isles point till after together well, not best after the 7th gym. And also don"t freaking relocate Moltres! :<