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There are different ways of doing this. I"ll show some of the services then you"ll find the rest.Solution 1: The easiest means to division the square right into 4 equal parts is to draw three vertical lines or 3 horizontal lines creating four (4) equal areas. This deserve to be shown in the figure below, where each component is shaded through a different color.


Solution 2: Another method of dividing it is to attract one vertical and also one horizontal line intersecting in ~ the middle component of the square. That is


Solution 4: you can also cut the square by a horizontal heat or a upright line, then reduced each half into 2 equal triangles.
There room still other ways of dividing a square into 4 same parts. Uncover them and share them here... Comment below.

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Thank you for helping me through my homework however I need to do this pattern through out rotating that or flipping it. Have you got solution for 8 more ? pls aid me

How do I get permission to use the "HOW TO divide A SQUARE INTO four (4) same PARTS" cards? Thanks!

Is over there a finite number of ways to split the square into four equal parts? If there is, could someone please tell me the number?

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