Do you desire to remove a location from her Roblox account and also start over with a new one? Or execute you want to clean up her list the games? Is it possible to delete a place from the platform? We’ll answer all of these questions in our guide below.

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While Roblox permits its customers to design and develop as countless games as they want, that doesn’t enable you come delete any type of of the games you created. Together such, friend can’t totally remove any kind of of your areas from the platform.

However, you can pick to do your games private and hide them from other users. Once you carry out so, no various other player can view and access your location unless the a team game.

Alternatively, you deserve to archive her games, shut under all their servers, or alters their privacy settings to private. Archiving additionally removes the video game from her list of creations on her Studio and the Roblox website.

If you desire to hide your gamings from other users, we’re below to help you. We’ll teach you just how to save on computer or do them personal with our guide below.

How to do your locations in Roblox private

Although friend can’t delete your areas in Roblox, friend hide them from other players. By do your games private, only you can access and play v them.

Open Roblox Studio on her computer and sign-in to your account.Head to “My Games” and look for the game you want to do private.

When you archive a game, Roblox instantly shuts down every one of its servers. It additionally changes the visibility to private so the no other player can accessibility it.

If you’re having actually trouble archiving a location in Roblox, make certain to close every your gamings and shot these steps over again. As soon as you save a game, it will certainly disappear native the game list ~ above the Studio and the games section on your “My Creations” tab top top the website.

To uncover your archived games, open your Roblox Studio and also head to her Archive tab. If you desire to recoup a game, float on it, click on the ellipsis, and select Restore.

Overwrite your Roblox places

Instead that archiving or making your gamings private, you deserve to edit and also overwrite lock if girlfriend want. By reusing your places, you don’t have to add a brand-new place to your list when you desire to create a new game.

After overwriting your old game, all you have to do is rename it, adjust its icon, and update that description. When you finish an altering the game’s settings and information, you can go ahead and share it through your friends and also other players.

To plunder it every up

Although you can’t completely delete a video game or a location on Roblox, friend can select to make them private. On the other hand, you can likewise archive them come hide them from your list of energetic games.

By archiving a video game or making that private, no various other player deserve to view or play it on Roblox. Making use of both that these alternatives automatically shuts under all the servers and also running games.

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That’s every we have on our guide around hiding your place in Roblox. For the latest tips, tricks, and tutorials indigenous us, struggle the bookmark button, and also visit us routinely for new posts and also updates.