There are some networks in India which provide options for united state to adjust audio language such together Tamil, Telugu, Hindi, English etc. In us Version Fios provide channels in English and also Spanish. However every DTH follow different steps to perform this action. Part DTH uses much shorter step and some have small poor steps.

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The following Steps help you to get the clean idea about it.

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1.Airtel DTH:

Go come a certain channel which you want to change Audio and press OK button.Now press the audio button on your remote which seems to be in blue colour button. The will show you the audio option.You can select a details language through going with Right Arrow in your remote.

2. TataSky DTH:

Tatasky provides some lengthy steps to carry out language change. Let see it below

Press “Organiser button” on your remote. Now organiser food selection gets open on your TV screen.Double push “Down arrowhead button” which seems to be in blue colour to go to user settings choice in the organiser menu.Now press the “Select button” to select it. Currently user setup menu it s okay open.Press “Down arrowhead button“. It will go to language settings option.Now press the “Select button” to choose it.By making use of Right arrow button you can choose your favourite language now.

3. DishTV DTH:

Press Menu button.Go to Preference option by pressing Down Arrow. And also select it.Go to Alternate audio alternative in the by pressing Down arrow.You can choose your desired language there by utilizing Down Arrow and also press OK.

4. Reliance large TV and Digital TV DTH:

Press Home button then go to Settings option in it push OK button.By pressing Down Arrow navigate TV display screen option and press OK button.In that Navigate for Preferred Audio option. Push OK.Now girlfriend can choose your language option and confirm the by OK button.

5. Sun direct DTH:

The language alternative is not that much get support in this DTH.

Press the Menu button and also go to audio option.Navigate by pushing Right Arrow. Select the language which friend desired.

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6. Videocon D2H:

Go come the wanted language i m sorry you desire to change the language.Press I button on the remote. Then pick Channel Change option with the yellow button.By pushing Right arrow girlfriend can readjust the language that the channel.

Universal remotes are accessible in the market that supports all DTH services with easy language transforming option.There are some other things you can read: How come temporarily suspend or stop DTH subscription in Tata Sky, Airtel, dish TV?