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Your wrist have the right to break, or fracture, during sports or a fall. The rest may take place when her wrist is struggle or is supplied to protect you in a fall. Fractures can selection from a small, hairline crack, to a bone or bones broken into two or much more pieces. Your treatment relies on how poor the break is.

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Your medical professional may have actually put your wrist in a actors or splint. This will help keep your wrist stable until your follow-up appointment. It might take weeks or month for her wrist come heal. Girlfriend can aid it heal with treatment at home.

You heal ideal when you take great care of yourself. Eat a variety of healthy foods, and don"t smoke.

Follow-up care is a an essential part of her treatment and also safety. Be certain to make and also go to every appointments, and call your medical professional or nurse speak to line if you are having actually problems. It"s also a an excellent idea to recognize your test results and keep a list of the medications you take.

How have the right to you treatment for yourself at home?

Put ice cream or a cold pack on your wrist for 10 come 20 minutes at a time. Try to do this every 1 to 2 hours for the next 3 days (when you are awake). Placed a thin cloth between the ice and your cast or splint. Save your cast or rail dry.Follow the rail or cast care instructions your doctor provides you. If you have a splint, execute not take it it off uneven your doctor tells girlfriend to. Be cautious not to placed the splint earlier on as well tight.Take ache medicines specifically as directed. If the doctor gave you a prescription medicine for pain, take it it together prescribed.If you space not taking a prescription pain medicine, asking your doctor if you deserve to take an over-the-counter medicine. Prop up her wrist ~ above pillows as soon as you sit or lie under in the first few days after ~ the injury. Store your wrist greater than the level of her heart. This will aid reduce swelling.Move her fingers frequently to alleviate swelling and stiffness, however do not usage that hand come grab or bring anything.Follow instructions because that exercises to keep your arm strong.

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