They are cheap and sometimes even cost-free - if you don"t count the truth you need to pay because that the popsicle.

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So start eating an ext of those frozen snacks or alternatively, buy part popsickle sticks as we are going to do a ring.




Drop a few popsicle pole in the steamer and vapor them till they end up being flexible.

You should have the ability to bend them without breaking.

You will desire to steam more sticks than you require as few of them might break.

If girlfriend don"t have actually a steamer insert or a steamer, you deserve to boil them.


While the pole is still warm, insert that in the cut and also wrap it approximately the pipe.

When the popsicle stick overlaps, clamp it to the pipe and leave it come dry.

It will take a couple of hours for it come dry.

I would certainly not dried it for too long as we don"t desire the stick to become too stubborn - yet.

When clamp is removed, popsicle stick should not unwrap through itself.



Apply a solid glue and use 2 clamps come close it.

You can also use just 1 clamp, yet 2 will let you form the ring an ext round.

I dropped my ring in the varnish and used a document towel come clean it.

That gave me a thin layer the varnish.

I did an additional ring with a thicker class of varnish.

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Thank you for exploring this Instructable!

Really nice however every time i shot to bending the stick the grain breaks and also sticks up what am i doing not correct please have the right to anyone help.