A New, Innovative beauty, beauty Brand search hair color models to show up on QVC! The present will be filming in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Auditions will certainly be organized at the Desmond Hotel, One Liberty Boulevard Malvern, PA 19355 in meeting Room #303. The product is a short-term hair shade designed come camouflage re-growth prolonging the time between hair shade applications.

Casting director are seeking women who are in between the periods of 35 and also 55 year old. Models who audition have to be prepared to have actually their face photographed from assorted angles in addition to having your hair photographed at various partings. Models will require to lug a valid driver’s license with your current deal with details. A cool benefit at the audition is coffee and also Tea will be noted while you room waiting to it is in interviewed by the brand team. The spreading team asks you please arrive v freshly wash hair and also no styling product included into her hair. Castle will need to have the ability to feel the texture and also position your hair in various ways

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To be considered to it is in a model on QVC because that this product, models should be long-term Hair shade users v 50% gray or more. Models have the right to have any type of hair structure or color. Applicants need to be available a minimum that 4 hours every 4 – 6 weeks for on-air appearances. If chosen as a model, individual will certainly be forced to sign a release form for the use of she name, likeness, image, voice or performance (a Talent release of legit Rights). Models need to be willing to use just the designated hair care and also coloring products if accepted as a model and also must no be a present model for any other QVC hair treatment or hair color brand. If you have any type of previous QVC model training that is great, but it is not crucial as training will be provided. Because that the QVC ~ above air version call, the selected talent will certainly be provided a repertoire of beauty commodities plus receive totally free color and cut services from designated neighborhood salon. If you space interested and also would choose to be considered, email hello
colour-collective.com no later on than June15th to get the audition information. Be certain to incorporate a photo and all of your contact information.

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Don’t miss out on out top top the possibility to show up on a national show and apply today!

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