How Pawning works

We try our ideal to answer few of the simple questions in regards to just how Texas Pawn & jewel works. Us don"t desire you to feel intimidated by the procedure so please feel free to offer us a call if girlfriend have any kind of questions.

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1. Bring us your items

We favor all type of items at Texas Pawn & Jewelry, however you can see some of the much more valueable items we purchase & loan top top here.


2. We value your items

We depend on the expertise of our proficient pawnbrokers to recognize the value of your items.


3. We market a loan

Based on our assessed worth we will present you v an market to buy her item or merely "pawn" the item for one month add to 30 day cash loan.


4. Loan ax is 1 Month + 30 Days

You deserve to redeem the loan anytime within the loan term through a principle & interest payment.


6. Redeem the loan

You can pay turn off the loan anytime in ~ the loan term through a payment of the principle and also interest.

We accept any type of valid state-issued or government-issued photo ID including a Driver’s License, Passport or armed forces ID.
Yes, pawnshops room regulated at the local, state and also federal level. The state that Texas patent pawnshops with the Office of consumer Credit. We space audited frequently to ensure compliance. In addition, we space subject to numerous federal regulations including but not limited to the Patriot Act, truth in lending Act, Federal trade Commission rules on Data Privacy and also Security Transfer and also Federal firearms Licenses.
No. Us work very closely with regional authorities come prevent and also identify stolen merchandise. Client are required to display identification when pawning or offering an item. Much less than 1 percent of items are established as stolen. We train our employee to it is in on the lookout for stolen property. The is not in our advantage to take it anything that is presumed stolen due to the fact that it will many likely get confiscated through the local authorities.
Yes all items in pawn with Texas Pawn & Jewelry space stored in a secure room that is insured against theft and also other develops of loss.
Loan amounts are based on the worth of the item, the condition and our capability to sell it if needed. Our management team has plenty of years of suffer with valuing merchandise. Because we are a locally, owned and also operated pawnshop, we do not rely on a computer system program to tell us exactly how much her item is worth. Our desire is come loan you height dollar on her item.

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Our two favorite items room firearms and jewelry (gold, silver, and also platinum only). Other items us accept incorporate tools, electronics, musical instruments, and some collectibles. You can see few of the item we are interested in here.

Items we are interested in

Do friend have any kind of old broken jewelry or perhaps some antiques you don"t need around the residence anymore? Maybe even an old watercraft or RTV? We room interested in what friend have and we pay height dollar on practically everything!

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