Two questions around electricity: how much power does a 37-inch HD television collection use every hour, once turned on? and how much electrical power does a 60-watt light bulb use per hour once turned on?

For help, us turned come Progress energy Florida, a subsidiary of fight it out Energy. Sterling Ivey, that company spokesperson, wrote: "The expense to run both is less than 1 cent per hour they room turned on. Actual price is 0.7 cent under our current residential retail tariff price ($116.06 every 1,000 kilowatt/hours).

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"Incandescent irradiate bulbs that have actually been around since Edison, are rated through their power dissipation (or energy use). Return not really efficient for the ratio of strength to light family member to fluorescents and also LEDs (most the the energy is converted to heat, not light) the labeling is rather instructive.

"A 60-watt glow bulb provides 60 watt of energy; us bill for energy in kilowatt hrs which is 1,000 watts consistently for 1 hour. So, a 60-watt bulb uses 60 watts hrs or .06 kilowatt hrs of power for every hour it"s on. The bulb would usage 1 kilowatt hour in simply less 보다 17 hours if left top top continuously; roughly 12 cents in our existing tariff for many residential customers.

"A CFL or LED bulb uses much less than 25 percent that the power for the exact same light calculation as the 60-watt incandescent; a large opportunity for an extensive savings together they have the right to run continuously for about 70 to 100 hrs for the same expense of energy.

"The HD TV is a little bit more daunting to compute, together there is a wide range of consumption feasible based on technologies and features. The ideal advice to consumers is to always look in ~ the energy Guide yellow sticker attached to each design (or visit

"For functions of the question, we looked in ~ a conventional LED version that is rated in ~ "$13.4" yearly cost; that way it provides 122 kilowatt hrs per year as soon as operated 5 hours a day, or 67 watts.

"The 60-watt incandescent light bulb uses about the same energy as one of the much better LED HD 37-inch TVs; that method they cost about the same as soon as turned on. Of food the TV is never ever really off, unless you unplug that or put it top top a power strip; it offers a watt or 2 to operation the circuit to look for regulates from the far control.

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"Suffice come say that the customer has many choices when selecting TVs or light bulbs that deserve to significantly impact their energy use and also thus your bill."

Flying come the moon

What is the distance from the planet to the moon, and also how lengthy does it take it to gain there?

The moon takes an elliptical path about Earth, but on average, it"s 238,855 miles away, according to NASA. It"s 225,623 miles far at the closest, and also 252,088 miles far at its farthest. NASA"s new Horizons mission to Pluto flew previous the moon simply eight hours and also 35 minutes after leaving earth in 2006.