Do friend know just how much water your dog need to be drinking? In honor of July pets Hydration Month, I’m sharing reasons why you must keep your dog hydrated for an excellent health.

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PetSafe provided KORU be afflicted with a Drinkwell 360 pet Fountain in exchange because that sharing information around Pet Hydration Month. Gold Woofs only shares info we feel is appropriate to ours readers.

How much water go a dog need?

A dog’s body is made up of water. Young puppies are made up of 75% – 80% the water. For adult and an elderly dogs, early out to an increase in human body fat, their bodies jeopardized of 50% – 60% water.


From PetSafe infographic, a dog requirements 1 oz of water for every 1 lb of his/her body weight. Is her dog drinking enough water daily?

Do you know that your dog loser water daily? that is necessary to keep your dog hydrated. Limitless fresh drinking water should always be accessible for her dog.

PetSafe Brand supplies a range of pet fountains. Angel SUGAR love the Drinkwell Pagoda Fountain and also enticed her to drink more water. When KORU be affected by each other doesn’t need enticement, that drinks many water. I selected the Drinkwell 360 pet Fountain which holds a gallon volume of water.


Keep her Dog Hydrated

Water dram a crucial role in your dog’s body. There is no water, her dog’s body will not be able to role properly.

Water aids her dog’s digestion. Water helps your dog failure and digest the food he/she eats.

Water is vital simple nutrient. It help facilitate the absorb of the nutrients to her dog’s body.

Water likewise serves come cool the human body down and also regulate your dog’s body temperature.


All dogs room at risk of dehydration. It can be life-threatening and requires instant veterinary care. Dehydration in dogs occurs when the full body water is much less than normal. Dog dehydration is a usual problem throughout the summer months. That is helpful to understand some warning indications of dehydration in dogs.

The most typical symptom of dehydration is the lose of elasticity in the skin. Various other symptoms the can occur are lose of appetite, diminished energy level (lethargy), panting, dried gums, and sunken dry-looking eyes.

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Dogs need plenty of water for hydration.A sign language Dog is a Happy Dog!


In an upcoming post, I will certainly share more about the Drinkwell 360 pet Fountain. For much more tips on just how to keep your dog hydrated, visit and follow PetSafe ~ above Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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