How To operation A Pellet stove Without Electricity

Do you desire to know how to run a pellet stove during a strength outage? If you have a pellet stove and also rely on that for her heat, then pay fist to this article. I’ll display you how I measure up my stove for watts / power consumption, and how I have the right to run it during a power-outage because that awhile.

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Without electricity during the winter (severe storm, snow/ice, high winds), your residence or cabin will gain cold quick!

It’s really no that complex to collection this device up. I will very first run through the calculations come exemplify common power consumption of a pellet stove. Then we’ll view what we have the right to do to keep it running throughout a power outage / blackout.

How Much electricity Does A Pellet stove Use?

First, just like all usual pellet stoves that I’m conscious of, they call for a 120 volt AC power source (typical in-home electricity).

Second, we require to uncover the work power consumption (watts) or the AC current (amps) prior to we can figure out what we will need to run our pellet stove during a strength outage.

I to be going to usage my own pellet oven as one example, which is a Harman model. This will most likely be typical for most pellet stoves through fans and motorized auger.

The electrical requirements detailed in their spec sheet space as follows, yet I will provide you real people measurements afterwards:

Specifications:Start up: 4.0 amps (460 watts)Run: 3.0 amps (345 watts)

Note: ns am details that these specs are for everything full-on, (all fans, auger speed, etc.) on greatest settings, plus a margin…

My real world measurements are lot LESS during normal operation time. As soon as the ignitor originally fires up there is a short condition (a few minutes) of higher power consumption.

Real world measurements:Start up: 3.0 amps (360 watts)Run: 0.7 amps (80 watts averaged over time)

How numerous watts go a pellet stove use?

So, because that a few minutes throughout the ignition period, mine Harman consumes practically 400 watts. Though when lit and also running, the average usage was nearly 100 watts, averaged over time.

How did i measure how plenty of watts / amps?

KILL A WATT™ meter(view ~ above amzn)

I explain much more about it in the following article:< Read: just how To measure up Energy consumption Of Appliances >

Battery & Inverter

Make your own emergency backup power resource to run a pellet stove during a power outage. Girlfriend will need at least one deep bicycle 12-volt battery and also an inverter to transform 12 volts DC to 120 volts AC.

DC to AC Inverter because that Pellet Stove

The inverter that you choose will have to create at least the maximum load of your pellet stove. In my instance that would certainly be 460 watts based upon the Harman spec sheet, or 360 watts based on my real people measurements. It’s always wise to look in ~ a worst situation scenario when specifying a system, so lets look for a 500 watt inverter.

The only time when the inverter will certainly be invited down will certainly be the couple of minutes when the ignitor is on. Otherwise it will certainly be seafaring well below it’s rated maximum throughout normal operation.

I have actually chosen the complying with inverter, do in the USA. Castle manufacture several different wattages. The 600 watt will absolutely be enough for the pellet stove during ignition. Plus, I have the right to use the for various other things too…

Samlex America PST-600-12 Pure Sine wave Inverter (600 watts)(view ~ above amzn)


I have actually several Samlex America products and although a bit more expensive they room commercial grade. They’re professionally designed and also built come safely operate electric & electronic devices without damaging them. The “pure sine wave” output is the cleanest you deserve to get, especially great and safe for electronic devices.

Think of it this way: This inverter can also be used for various other duties to operated various other 120 volt tools during an emergency, not simply your pellet stove. Lights, a TV, etc..

Battery to Inverter Cables

You could either make up your very own cables to connect from the battery come inverter, or you can simply purchase one all set made.

How numerous 12-volt DC Amps to run a Pellet Stove

Bear in mind that you will need a cable-set the can bring the full amp rating of the inverter. In my example, 600 watts, i beg your pardon is 50 amps (
12 volts DC).

The complying with 8 gauge jumper cables will do it. Simply cut the cable collection in half and strip the non-clamp ends to bare wire. This will insert into the DC input connectors that the inverter.

8 Gauge Booster Cable(amzn)

A Cheaper Inverter

A much less expensive inverter might still obtain the job done, and also I have actually selected one for your consideration. It comes with alligator clip extension for battery connection.

BESTEK 500W power Inverter(amzn)

Note that I have actually no experience with the BESTEK brand. Ns selected it due to its largely favorable reviews. It is however a “modified sine wave” inverter (one factor why it expenses less, plus make overseas) and also not together “clean” as a pure sine wave inverter. That said, in countless circumstances this will more than likely be okay for a pellet stove. Pure sine is much better for digital devices.

Battery for Pellet Stove throughout A power Outage

Now the you have actually an inverter, you will require a battery! Here’s the vital thing come remember: The battery have to have sufficient capacity to operation your pellet range for a reasonable lot of time.

What does that analyze to? A common 12 volt “deep cycle” marine form battery will be rated for around 100 AH (Amp Hours). This will be presented on the battery itself. And also this will be your limiting factor as to how long you can run her pellet stove.

Let me explain…

If you space using a 100 AH rated 12vdc deep bike battery, and if her pellet stove draws 100 watt on average, this battery will be 50% discharged in 6 hours.

Formula:100 watts = 8.3 amps (100 W / 12 VDC)100 watts / 8.3 amps = 12 hrs (fully discharged)12/2 = 6 hrs (50% discharged)

Important: Never completely discharge a lead mountain battery. The will damage the battery. Ascendancy of thumb no to discharge past 50% before recharging for this reason to extend the life the the battery.

Note: If you connect two battery in parallel (plus come plus and also minus come minus) you will dual the capacity and also run time.

Use Your automobile Battery

Another alternative would be to affix your inverter come your auto battery. Operation an extension cord into your house to operate the pellet stove. You can start your auto up now and also again to fee the battery.

< Read: best Extension Cord >

SUMMARYAll you need is one inverter and also battery (or batteries) to run your pellet stove during a power outage because that a reasonably short ax period.

Although I indicated that a solitary typical 100 AH battery may run a common pellet oven for 6 hours, in truth you could not have actually it running all of the time. This would certainly lengthen your run time.

Also, your very own stove might have different energy demands. Right here is terrific and inexpensive electrical meter that I usage to measure up the power consumption of appliances. I have actually a solar it is provided off-grid system and also this has actually been invaluable when calculating energy needs.

Hopefully this article has aided some the you that may have actually been concerned about losing the heating capability of her pellet stove during a strength outage.

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And before some the you speak it, I’ll speak it first… A wood cooktop won’t have this problem.