The desire for beneficial and rarely memorabilia items is not unusual in, a video game that prides itself on tradition and also history. Varying from competition winning putters to greens jackets — major fans have actually been recognized to pony increase the cash when an object they look for becomes available. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a major uptick in a certain, perhaps long overlooked, type of memorabilia: Tiger Woods memorabilia — including trading cards, big format prints, and also posters amongst other collectibles. One fast eBay search, and also you’ll discover his upper Deck cards marketing at prices varying from listed below $20 into the thousands.


friend won’t believe how lot Tiger Woods’s back-up putter just sold because that By: Kevin Cunningham

As Gabe Garcia, the senior Brand Manager at top Deck, notes, demand for Tiger commodities has been steadily increasing since even before the pandemic. Even during Rory McIlroy’s leading run in 2014, and also Jordan Speith’s championship performances in 2015, demand for Tiger was standing out.

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“I think, even throughout the slow times, so us saw people buying Tiger Woods memorabilia since I think that was much more of an appreciation for his past features and achievements throughout the years,” Garcia said.

Yet, it was his tour Championship success in 2018 and also subsequent victory at the master in 2019 that really cemented the boost in demand.

“Having Tiger Woods back, win in 2018 (the tour Championship) was very good in regards come Tiger and also memorabilia,” Garcia said. “And you know, he placed a complete stamp on it as soon as he winner the masters in 2019. And we haven’t seen a slowdown since.”

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While need may be extraordinarily high, Garcia also stresses caution once purchasing any type of memorabilia; follow to Garcia, around 90% that the items on the marketplace room either forged or save a fake signature.

“There’s a lot of interest and a lot of of need for memorabilia and collectibles,” said Garcia. “ and It’s not worth spending four, five numbers on something and not having that guarantee the your product and also your investment, and also your hobby is not authentic and also it’s not real… therefore it’s a vast issue in the marketplace.

Consumers have less to worry about Upper Deck Tiger memorabilia. Tiger has had actually a long-standing connection with top Deck — over 20 years — and also his signed items have gone with the rigorous top Deck five-step authentication process, i beg your pardon includes: his autograph being observed by an upper Deck representative, the autographing session being recorded, a distinctive serial number hologram being affixed on each item — each of which likewise includes a different certificate that authenticity.

Nonetheless, when a Tiger product is authenticated and actualized, there is frequently a real, far-ranging desirability to it.

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“When you have actually these athletes such together Tiger, Michael Jordan, LeBron James to name a couple of that are under the upper Deck authenticated umbrella. You know, they’re tough to get. They’re rare. And also they’re simply a many value there,” Garcia said.