A: Yes. KTM began with a clean slate because that the 2018 KTM 85SX. It to be a bike the was constructed from the ground up.

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Q: WHAT are THE alters TO THE KTM 85SX from 2017 come 2018?

A: KTM enhanced the all at once powerband and also gave the bicycle a much more efficient chassis. Below are the mods that KTM made come the 2018 85SX.

(1) Cylinder. The brand-new cylinder was designed approximately an all-new power-valve system. This mechanism is adjustable with the revolve of a dial—just favor the KTM 125SX and also 250SX two-stroke strength valves. The adjuster can readjust the power shipment by regulating when and how quickly the valves open and also close.(2) Crankshaft. The crankshaft is lighter while having an ext inertia. The optimized balance to reduce vibrations.(3) Clutch. that is diaphragm spring clutch is smaller, more powerful and more compact.(4) Crankcases. The crankcases space designed through the inner shafts arranged together close as possible to the facility of gravity.(5) Transmission. weight was shave from the gears, shafts and also forks.(6) Frame. The chromoly steel framework is virtually 1 lb lighter. This is on peak of a 7-percent rise in torsional rigidity and a 25-percent decrease in longitudinal stiffness.(7) Forks. WP’s well-received AER 43mm waiting forks room standard equipment.(8) Subframe. The subframe is lighter and much more compact.(9) Cooling system. The 85SX currently has combined crankcase cooling through twin radiators. Redesigned and also reinforced radiator shrouds and also a grill the guards the radiators in a crash.(10) Bodywork. The bodywork is based on the full-sized KTM SX models.(11) Airbox. The airbox functions a no-tools technique like its huge brothers.

At first glance the 2018 KTM 85SX looks favor a KTM 125SX—until you notification that the bike and the stand room out that proportion. Together minicycles go, this is a an extremely modern-looking 85.

Q: WHAT walk THE 2018 KTM 85SX COST?

A: in ~ $5799, the 2018 KTM 85SX is over $1000 more than every its Japanese competitors; however, it is less expensive 보다 the Italian-made, Loretta Lynn-winning TM MX85, i m sorry runs for $8199.

Q: go KTM change THE GEOMETRY that THE 85SX?

A: No. The size of the 2017 KTM 85SX to be spot-on, and KTM’s designers didn’t want to fix something the wasn’t broken. The steering head angle stays at 24 degrees, the wheelbase at 50.8 inches, ground clearance in ~ 13.9 inches and the seat elevation at 33.7 inches.

The KTM 85SX provides the other 85s look choose they came from the Model-T era.

Q: WHY walk KTM proceed TO upgrade ITS MINI 85SX as soon as THE “BIG FOUR” JAPANESE rivals RARELY MAKE any UPDATES?

A: KTM believes that money spent R&Ding the KTM 50SX, 65SX and 85SX is money fine spent, since it gets children as young together 6 year old hooked ~ above orange. If a son races a KTM 65SX, he will certainly most likely buy a KTM 85SX once he grow taller. If he gyeongju a KTM 85SX, he will certainly most likely buy a KTM 125SX, 250SXF and also eventually a 450SXF. KTM’s marketing arrangement is to obtain them while they space young and also hopefully revolve them right into lifelong customers. Return Kawasaki and also Yamaha have actually 65cc motocross bikes in their 2018 lineups, they absence the full range of models the KTM offers—not simply in motocross, but in offroad, enduro and dual-sport together well. No manufacturer has spent as much money and also energy emerging its mini portfolio as KTM—and a walk v the pits at any Amateur nationwide will confirm that it’s working.

Q: carry out THE WP AER FORKS WORK too ON THE 85SX as ON THE huge KATOOMS?

A: Yes. KTM has the 43mm WP AER waiting forks dialed in because that a wide selection of riders. We had huge and small test riders ~ above the 85SX, and the adaptability of the setup choice was amazing. The huge riders never ever complained about bottoming, if the small riders never ever complained about harshness. Us applaud WP for coming to be a hard player in the suspension world. It was a long, hard road, mostly for the racers who had actually to live through the 4CS period, yet WP has uncovered the secret sauce. To discover your perfect wait pressure, placed a zip-tie top top one fork leg and also go ride. If the zip-tie is 2-1/2 inches brief of bottoming, reduced the wait pressure. Keep lowering it until you are 1 customs from bottoming. That is your air pressure.

The old-school PDS system has been updated and also improved since the days as soon as it was taken into consideration obsolete.
The Formula brakes aren’t the only hydraulic component on the 85SX, the clutch is additionally hydraulically activated.


A: The favor list:(1) Powerplant. This bike is fast, yes, really fast.(2) Brakes. They are still the ideal in their course by a landslide.(3) Hydraulic clutch. Self-adjusting hydraulic clutches don’t come on any type of Japanese motocross bikes, nevertheless of your engine size, yet the KTM 85SX has actually one.(4) Forks. we love the WP AER forks. They are simple, light, understandable, simple to use and very good.(5) Power-valve adjuster. We choose being maybe to readjust the power spread for different riders and also terrains.

Q: WHAT execute WE yes, really THINK?

A: us think KTM loves to win. The is why they invest incredible quantities of money top top R&D every year. In the 85cc class, the Japanese brand don’t also put up a fight. Part Japanese 85s space over a te old, with little an ext than cosmetics updates. The KTM 85SX is a turnkey factory bike because that the small set. Bottom line? This bike provides a an excellent engine, suspension and also chassis ideal off the showroom floor.


This is exactly how we set up ours 2018 KTM 85SX for racing. We market it as a guide to aid you discover your own sweet spot.

WP AER 43MM FORK SETTINGSFirst, focus on balancing out the bicycle for your weight by adjusting the air pressure in the forks. If the forks room diving right into the corners, walk up a few psi. If they room rigid, lower the psi. These forks offer an excellent bottoming resistance, so going softer because that a plusher ride is no an issue. Because that hardcore racing, us recommend this fork setup for the 2018 KTM 85SX (stock setups in parentheses):Air pressure: 73 psiCompression: 12 clicks outRebound: 12 clicks outFork-leg height: StockNotes: don’t worry about checking the WP AER fork’s air pressure each and every time friend hit the track. Do, however, bleed both the the air screws on optimal of the forks.

WP SHOCK SETTINGSKTM has stuck come the PDS no-linkage stock device with the 85SX. Now that MXA check riders have some distance from the PDS days, and KTM has had much more time to refine the feather rates, PDS no seem come hinder the performance of the KTM 85SX. Our check riders go not adjust much top top the stocker, as they began with the stock numbers and stayed an extremely close to that baseline. Because that hardcore racing, us recommend this fork setup for the 2018 KTM 85SX (stock specs are in parentheses):Spring rate: 40N/mRace sag: 120mmHi-compression: 2 turns outLo-compression: 15 turns outRebound: 15 transforms outNotes: The stock shock setups are in the ballpark.

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KEIHIN PWK 28MM JETTING SPECHere’s what we ran in our 28mm PWK carb.Main jet: 142Pilot: 48Needle: NRKCClip: 3rd positionAir screw: 2 turns out

THE GEAR: Jersey: Thor Fuse High Tide, Pants:  Thor Fuse High Tide, Helmet: Thor Verge, Goggles: Thor Sniper Chase, Boots: Sidi Crossfire 2