When moving couches by hand or by machine, it’s crucial to know how much lock weigh. By knowing the weight, you have the right to decide which method is best to relocate the couch. Weight will certainly vary rather a bit depending upon the size and also material that the couch. 

Most couches weigh in between 54 pounds to 240 pounds. A loveseat, or 2 seater couch, deserve to weigh as low as 54 pounds. A sectional can weigh as lot as 240 pounds, and also a standard couch, or 3 seater couch, is in between at a max load of 145 pounds.

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There are countless different species of couches made in different ways with different materials. Therefore, the weight of one couch can be an extremely different native the weight of one more couch. If you want to uncover out what your couch might weigh, proceed reading under below.

Figuring Out just how Much A Couch Weighs


Since there space three main types of couches, there space three various sets the data come discuss together with an average of the three main sets of data. In ~ these 3 sets the data, over there is:

minimum and maximum couch weightaverage couch weightmedian couch weightweight of each individual couch

To check out a spreadsheet the the 60 most popular couches native Wayfair.com and their weights, click HERE.

How lot Does one Average, 3-Seater Couch Weigh?

Couch (Standard)
Min. Couch weight (lbs)82.2
Average Couch weight (lbs)103.496
Max. Couch weight (lbs)145
Median Couch weight (lbs)102.205

Above, you have the right to see the mean data that a conventional couch. This is based upon 20 couches that deserve to be discovered on Wayfair. 

For a typical couch, 82.2 pounds is the absolute lowest weight, and thus is rather rare to uncover one this light. That is an ext common to find couches slightly above 100 pounds, according to the median couch weight.

Standard, 3 seat couches seldom weigh over 145 pounds. If you have actually a couch over 145 pounds, it’s more than likely a sectional or a pull out couch. Keep in psychic there room exceptions come the rules, though.

Below is a list of famous couches with 3 seats through their corresponding weights.

Listing NameWeight (pounds)
Waldschmidt Microfiber / Microsuede 89″ Pillow top Arm Sofa120
Bel-Air 72.25″ Square eight Sofa86.24
Mcallister Microfiber 79″ Pillow height Arm Sofa120
Microfiber 86″ Pillow top Arm Sofa120
Inkerman 91″ Round eight Sofa145
Abrahamson Sofa94.8
Celestia Microfiber / Microsuede 78.75″ Flared eight Sofa84.7
Fleury Velvet 84″ Rolled arm Sofa109.24
Salomon 84″ Pillow top Arms Sofa120
Payan Jumbo Sofa82.2
Santucci 79″ Round eight Sofa110
Ibiza Microfiber 80.3″ Flared arm Sofa91
William Street Sofa85.76
Jayde Sofa109.35
Celestia Microfiber 78.75″ Flared eight Sofa97.02
Cotton 79″ Pillow top Arm Sofa120
Garren 75.6″ Square eight Sofa88
Copenhagen Microfiber 73″ Rolled eight Sofa100
Lincoln 69.68″ Square eight Sofa82.2
83″ Tuxedo arm Sofa104.41

How lot Does a Loveseat or 2-Seater Couch Weigh?

Min. Loveseat weight (lbs)54
Average Loveseat weight (lbs)73.481
Max. Loveseat weight (lbs)100
Median Loveseat weight (lbs)72.25

Loveseats are the lightest of every couch types, weighing 100 pounds or lower. While the is typical to find a traditional couch over 100 pounds, that is not typical to uncover a loveseat over 100 pounds. Save in psychic though that loveseats with reclining seats or a center armrest room going to walk over our mean weight that 73 pounds. 

Click right here to see an instance of a loveseat ~ above Wayfair the is 176 pounds. Right here are 20 well-known loveseats and their weights:

Listing NameWeight (Pounds)
Beneduce noodle 62.5″ Pillow optimal Arm Loveseat100
Pasillas 61.75″ Flared arm Loveseat78.48
Sauter Loveseat75.6
Dorothea 59.5″ Square eight Loveseat82
Isaac 57″ Square eight Loveseat67
Nagma 56″ Flared arm Loveseat71.2
Johnston 78″ Flared arm Loveseat89
Calvillo standard 49.75″ Flared arm Loveseat56
Copenhagen 61″ Round arm Loveseat77.55
Garduno Loveseat72.6
Celestia Microfiber / Microsuede 56.3″ Flared eight Loveseat70.4
Ascencio 64″ Square arms Loveseat54
Waloo Velvet 53″ Square arm Loveseat66
Carolina Velvet 50″ Recessed arms Loveseat58
Mcelhaney 58.7″ Square eight Loveseat63.8
Paulsen Jumbo Loveseat71.9
Rigney standard Loveseat90
Crean Loveseat73.8
Somerville Loveseat82.4
Ulises Loveseat69.89

How much Does a Sectional Sofa Weigh?

Min. Sectional load (lbs)87
Average Sectional weight (lbs)151.812
Max. Sectional weight (lbs)240
Median Sectional load (lbs)138.05

Sectionals space by much the heaviest form of couch v the preferably sectional weight of our liked couches being 240 pounds. However, they normally come personal in to two or three sections, often making them one of the easiest couches to move. 

Keep in mental there space sectionals bigger than 240 pounds. Click below to check out a sectional through reclining seats the weighs 311 pounds.

Here are twenty popular sectional couches and also their weights:

Listing NameWeight (Pounds)
Swick 215” Reversible Modular Sectional207.1
Elliston 90″ Right-Hand facing Sectional135
Archdale 120″ Left Hand encountering Sectional130
Strummer Reversible Sectional120.15
Bouldin Creek Reversible Sectional183
Genevieve 102.75″ appropriate Hand dealing with Sectional152.12
Bicknell 93″ right Hand facing Sectional133.76
Lora 97″ right Hand facing Sectional135
Ahmed Right facing Stationary Sectional133
Sciortino Sectional with Ottoman156
Sunnydale 105″ Left Hand dealing with Sectional with Ottoman165
Bridgeport 33.5″ right Hand dealing with Modular Sectional160.06
Fiskeville 99″ Reversible Sleeper Sectional231.2
Morpheus 82.5″ Reversible Sectional Ottoman145
Caples towel Left Hand facing Sectional129.75
Dewitt Left Hand facing Sectional135
Clem 81″ ideal Hand facing Sectional through Ottoman117
Perrault 130″ best Hand encountering Sectional240
Sawyer 119″ Left Hand facing Modular Sectional through Ottoman141.1
77″ Reversible Modular Sectional through Ottoman87

What Can impact A Couch’s Weight?

Many things can alter the load of a couch, including:

Reclining Seats: This could cause rise in weight as result of the extra mechanics to do the reclining possibleExtra Armrests in in between Seats: more space is necessary in in between seating, creating an ext couch support. This adds to the weight.Special Compartments: Extra space, latches, or cup holders often include heavy materials.Thin Cushions: much less cushion could reason a slight decrease in weight.Close-To-Ground Seating: This could reason a to decrease in weight.Couch Bed or Pullout: Pull the end couches are notorious for being extremely heavy, as they store a metal foldable frame and a mattress inside. Bench-Style Design: This would certainly make the couch much thinner and possibly shorter, making the lighter.

How to Safely move a Couch

After you uncover out the load of your couch, the is essential to number out the best way to move it. This protects both the couch and also yourself. Choose up heavy furniture incorrectly have the right to severely harm you, so that is important to take precautions.

For the lighter couches, choose loveseats or lighter traditional couches, you must at least have one other person carrying the couch through you. It’s important to have one human being on every side so over there isn’t any lack of assistance on one side.

Below space a couple of things you have to do when relocating to protect you and the couch when relocating it.

Wrap the cushions and couch v blankets or protective product like foam.Like mentioned before, get help from friend or a rental hand when relocating it.Make certain you understand the best means to gain the couch from allude A to suggest B through your and also your crew’s security in mind along with the couch. If necessary, lay out checkpoints where you can set the couch down and also relax for a moment.Be cautious if relocating the couch increase or under stairs. Be conscious of her surroundings and also use boards as a makeshift ramp if necessary.Be cautious when lifting to prevent straining of any type of muscles or tendons.Lift with your legs, not your back.

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How lot Do Couches Weigh? – now You Know

Couches come in numerous shapes and sizes, but in general, they deserve to weigh almost everywhere from 54 pounds to 240. There are exceptions where they have the right to weigh much more than that. If over there are any reclining chairs in your couch, the could very well weigh an ext than 240 pounds. That is really important the you’re mindful of just how much her couch weighs if you ever before need to move it.