Medically the review by wilhelm Morrison, M.D. — written by Scott Frothingham — update on October 10, 2018


The medical practice the immobilizing broken limbs v a actors has been around for a long, long time. Researchers uncovered the the earliest well-known surgical text, “The Edwin blacksmith Papyrus,” circa 1600 B.C., explains the old Egyptians using self-setting bandages.

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The plaster casts we’re acquainted with today had their origins in the beginning of the 19th century. The breakthrough of fiberglass casting tape in the 1970s caused the fiberglass actors that’s at this time in vast use.

There space two main varieties of casts, plaster and fiberglass.

Plaster casts

often much less expensiveeasier come mold for some applications

Fiberglass casts

lightermore durablemore water resistantavailable in a variety of colors and also patterns

Also, a fiberglass actors can result in lessened sweating under the cast. This deserve to improve lull and, end time, bring about less odor emerging than in a plaster cast.

A brand-new waterproof cast lining was occurred in the 1990s for both plaster and also fiberglass casts. This brand-new lining an unified with a fiberglass cast way a fully waterproof cast. That makes it possible for you to bathe, shower, and swim if wearing a cast.

But the problem is the water and soap can get stuck in between the cast and also skin. This have the right to lead to possible maceration of the skin under the cast. Maceration is when the skin continues to be moist for too long, making it appear lighter and wrinkly. It deserve to increase your hazard of infections.

Although a fiberglass cast can obtain wet, the typical padding under can’t. So, if you want a fully waterproof cast, friend must talk about it through your doctor. They can determine whether a waterproof liner is appropriate for your details situation.

This waterproof cast liner commonly increases the expense of the cast. The can likewise increase the time needed to use the cast.

Here room some tips because that maintaining and caring for your fiberglass cast:

Pressure. Keep pressure and weight off your cast. If you have a walking actors for a leg injury, nothing walk on it until it’s completely hardened.Toiletries. Keep lotion, deodorant, and powder from obtaining on or too close to her cast.Dirt. Keep sand and dirt from obtaining inside her cast.Adjustments. Don’t break off rough edges or adjust the padding without very first checking through your doctor.Moisture. If you need to dry her cast, inside or out, try using her hair dryer top top the cool setting. Be very careful law this, though. The hot setting can burn the skin under the cast.Itching. Don’t to water anti-itch creams in the cast or try to scrape inside the actors with any object. Try using a hair dryer on the cool setup instead. Repair. If you an alert a crack, speak to your doctor. Don’t try to deal with it yourself.Removal. Don’t effort to eliminate the actors yourself. Your physician will perform it, generally using an oscillating witnessed that division apart the rigid fiberglass (or plaster).

If you need your physician to immobilize an hurt limb, lock might pick to actors it in plaster or fiberglass. Comment on your way of life with your doctor to help them pick the casting material that best fits your needs.

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If appropriate, take into consideration asking for a totally waterproof fiberglass cast. It can be more expensive and also take more time to placed on, yet the capacity to bathe, shower, and swim without making one-of-a-kind accommodations can be precious it come you.


Medically the review by wilhelm Morrison, M.D. — created by Scott Frothingham — to update on October 10, 2018