If you are looking for an engine that is really clean and that has an expectancy to last to 1,000,000 miles, the Caterpillar C15 is the engine because that you. This engine is a 15.2L engine the has extreme power and is discovered in many heavy weight semis. Caterpillar engines are known for your reliability and durability for plenty of decades. Our Caterpillar engines meet difficult emissions standards and deliver the power you would suppose from a CAT engine.

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The C15 has numerous features that improves power performance, reduce fuel economy and reduces emissions. These incorporate ACERT, precision combustion and CAT waiting management.

The C15 Cat Engine is one inline six-cylinder diesel engine that weighs around 3,090 pounds and also has a horsepower because that a truck or bus through this engine is 435 come 625 speech at 2,100 rpm. The total torque calculation is 1,550 come 2,050 foot-pounds at 1,200 rpm.

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Displacement 15.2 litersBore stroke ratio 5.5 by 6.75 inchesTwo turbochargers18.1 compression ratioMechanically actuated electronically managed unit injection system. (MEUI)Two turbochargesHorsepower 435 – 625 hp at 2,100 rpmOil: 41 quartsEngine life is intended to last as much as 1,000,000 milesChange the oil filter 20,000 miles300,000 mile particulate filterOEM parts

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