The WWE has actually some really gifted athletes and it"s clean they"re in shape. Squats are very important for wrestlers, for this reason they"d better be able to execute a lot.

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do you also lift, brah? Well, definitely WWE superstar do. Whether it"s heavy lifting or cardio, every WWE superstar trains difficult for those gains and to obtain that bigger than life physique. Thanks to society media and sharing sites choose YouTube, rings fans can see just exactly how intense this workouts room for every of your favorite WWE superstars, and also these superstars are more than ready to display them off.

WWE superstars prefer John Cena, Triple H and The Rock short article their grueling exercise vids and even share your workout routine and also diet plan with fans. The quantity of time and effort put right into their workouts is truly unbelievable, with plenty of Superstars functioning out for 4 hours a work everyday. Considering the restricted time off superstars have, security that lot time at the gym, to preserve their superhero conditioning, is unreal. What’s also unreal is the sheer amount of weight these superhuman Superstars have the right to actually lift.

Superstars prefer John Cena and The Rock have actually a work ethic that’s 2nd to none, and also their exercise videos need to be seen to believe. While countless gym rats would favor Rusev Day end leg day, wrestlers choose Cena, Sheamus, Cesaro and other heavy lifters it seems to be ~ to relish in it. And it provides sense considering how often they are compelled to lift and also slam their adversaries to the mat, do squats especially important come incorporate right into their practice routines. So just just how much have the right to some this freaks that nature squat? This article is here to phone call you. Right here are 15 WWE superstars of miscellaneous sizes and also how much each the them can squat.


15 15. Triple H - 500 Lbs

Triple H might not it is in an day-to-day wrestler anymore, yet he’s constantly ready come play the game. The Game remains in phenomenal form for the following time he needs to step in the ring and also had recently showed up in Muscle & Fitness newspaper to talk about his new and improved practice routine.

Triple H acquired absolutely jacked when he ended up being the WWE world Title-contending “Cerebral Assassin.” However, blowing out his knee and tearing his quad appropriate off the bone has altered The COO’s workout regimen. Triple H has incorporated an ext cardio right into his workout and also emphasizes much more in dieting, but that doesn"t mean Triple H has given up on maintaining his remarkable power. He’s declared to Muscle & Fitness that he deserve to squat 500 pounds, which provides his spinebuster every the much more devastating. As soon as it"s time to hit the gym, clearly Triple H isn"t playing.

The previous Doctor of Thuganomics constantly had superhuman strength. Man Cena was a former bodybuilder which aided him accomplish his superhero strength and also look. Big Match john lifts huge whether that in the gym or the big Show in the ring. Lifting some of the best human us in the world onto his shoulders and also executing the perspective Adjustment requires immense leg strength, and also Cena without question has it.

in spite of the blended reaction to his persona and also his "five move of doom," no one deserve to deny that John Cena’s workrate is the end of this world. Cena has also advocated WWE v public appearances at awards shows, talk shows, charities, ongoing to work-related matches in WWE and still uncovered time come crush the gym. To carry out these impressive attitude Adjustments, Cena requirements the power from his legs, and Cena’s legs room pretty strong come say the least. Cena have the right to pull off an insane 600-pound squat, as presented in a video on TMZ, with other videos mirroring him as much as 611. He states that you can"t check out him, but you have the right to see his Kryptonian strength anywhere his Instagram and YouTube where Super Cena plainly has no dead in showing off.


13 13. Braun Strowman - 700 Pounds

Braun Strowman is marketed together “The Monster amongst Men,” and it’s tough to argue versus that billing. On screen, Strowman is viewed toppling an ambulance, a semi-truck, pulling under a scaffolding, slamming the huge Show v the side of a cage and as the says, he’s no finished with them. When Strowman’s character is nice impressive, Braun Strowman’s real life inhuman stamin is even more so.

Strowman’s strongman job earned him a victory in the NAS us Amateur national Championships in 2011 and the Arnold Amateur Strongman Championships in 2012. Braun Strowman might be a character in WWE, however the real-life Adam Scherr"s monstrous stamin is totally real. Strowman has actually recorded a bar bending 905-pound deadlift and also a man 775-pound squat throughout the elevation of his strongman career. Since leaving his strongman job behind and start wrestling, his squat has because dropped under to a only 700 pounds since incorporating more cardio into his workouts.

“Eat. Sleep. Conquer. Repeat.” has been the mantra that the reigning, defending, undisputed universal Champion, Brock Lesnar, because coming to WWE. Lesnar has lived this gimmick within the ring and out, dominating WWE superstar in the ring and conquering the gym with his beastly workouts. Even before WWE, Lesnar to be no stranger to working out, however he never trained to it is in a bodybuilder. Yet, Lesnar’s physique look at astonishing, and there’s no doubt regarding why he’s referred to as The Beast.

Lesnar’s is a finish freak that nature, with insane speed and power comes from his legs. To execute that destructive F-5, Lesnar requires a most leg strength to elevator his opponents on his shoulders. Lesnar has lifted heavyweights prefer ragdolls and only slightly struggles lifting the super heavyweights like Braun Strowman and large Show. Kurt Angle has actually attested come Lesnar’s foot strength and also his capability to squat a mental bending 1,000 pounds prior to his UFC days. Lesnar admits to focusing much more on cardio this days, and also yet, Lesnar in ~ 40 is quiet able to lift increase a 400-pound huge Show and also throw him for a large F-5.


11 11. Cesaro - 495 Lbs

Cesaro is among the “smaller” superstars on the roster, but the Swiss Superman package a the majority of power. He’s taken into consideration pound-for-pound one of the strongest superstars in WWE and has denote his uncanny power before in his matches. He has actually swung the likes of The great Khali and also deadlifted heavyweights choose Cena indigenous the outside of the ring earlier to the inside with shocking strength.

being able come lift superstars because that a suplex or balance lock on his legs because that his Neutralizer finishing maneuver needs a the majority of leg strength. When Cesaro has actually a lean toned look, his leg strength is no joke. ~ above his very first attempt ever, Cesaro deadlifted 500 pounds and has squatted 495 pounds, follow to Muscle & Fitness. It is a far cry from few of the ailing squats that Cena or Lesnar can do, however then again, Cesaro only weighs 232 pounds and isn’t cultivate purely for strength.

WWE may be his yard, but the gym is his playground. Reigns" promo an abilities aren’t the sharpest, yet no one have the right to question that he’s acquired the look and the toughness of a WWE champion. His brutal strength originates from his football background and his Anoa’i Samoan household background, giving Reigns the strength to elevator his enemies for a samoan autumn or journey his adversaries to the mat v a spear.

“The Guy” in the WWE possesses organic strength i m sorry is only amplified by his practice routine. While explosive reduced body exercises were the bread and butter of his soccer career, The large Dog has actually mixed strength exercises through cardio training for the ring. Still, roman has proclaimed he bested a full squat clean in ~ 360 pounds and also has tape-recorded a 600-pound squat. The Roman realm may not have actually been built in a day, however it was definitely built on strong leg workouts.


9 9. Seth Rollins - 410 Lbs

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Seth Rollins is the smallest male wrestler in this article, billed in ~ 217 pounds, yet The Architect still has actually the incredible toughness to do an amazing Falcon arrow or to run Powerbomb. Seth Rollins no going to it is in the beast the Brock Lesnar is, or the Monster amongst Men that Braun Strowman is, yet Rollins’ workout program works because that him. Rollins is totally committed to crossfit, speak he’s never ever looked back since acquiring hooked and also has even been called “Crossfit Jesus.”

Rollins’ crossfit workout renders a many sense for his rings style. Rollins’ offense is rapid paced, including suicide dives, springboard diving knees and top rope frog splashes. Rollins’ moveset needs a significant amount that cardio and leg toughness for every the running and also jumping associated with those moves. Despite forgoing stamin for endurance, Seth “Freakin” Rollins deserve to still squat a freakin’ amount of load at 410 pounds which is pretty ailing considering his size.

Moving ago to the freak athletes brings united state to large E. Clearly, large E has been eat his Booty-O"s since he is in wonderful shape through raw power and unnatural speed. Prior to WWE, huge E was a professional powerlifter breaking USA Powerlifting documents at the time. His an individual competition stats encompass a poisonous 711-pound squat.

together his surname suggests, big E lifts huge with a 405 close fixed bench press, an insane dead elevator at almost 800 pounds. Huge E’s freakish strength permits him to lift his opponent with ease for a ship to ship suplex or leap many feet into the air because that a vast splash. You can definitely "feel the powah" when the town hall this significant athlete pump out an additional set.


7 7. Mark Henry - 1,006 Lbs

In this entry, we have actually a former human being Heavyweight Champion, a former Olympic athlete and also a gold medalist all in one. No, I’m no talking around Kurt Angle. Ns referring to mark Henry. Before WWE, Henry to be an Olympic powerlifter and also strongman, who remained in the 1992 and also 1996 Olympics and also took a gold, silver and also bronze in ~ the Pan American gamings in 95. His strongman background purchase Henry the “World’s the strongest Man” moniker when he arrived in WWE. However just how solid is “The World’s the strongest Man?”

mark Henry’s nickname isn’t just for show. The the scary truth. Henry holds the human being record because that a medicine tested athlete v a 953.5-pound squat officially set in 1995. Unofficially, Henry is stated to have the ability to squat 1,006 pounds. Despite Henry there is no trained or completed in those competitions in years, he’s still completely capable the lifting heavyweight WWE superstars, including the big Show. With Henry’s strength, The World’s the strongest Slam is pretty exact in state of named finishing maneuvers.

Nikki Bella represents the old safety of WWE “Divas” in the existing Women’s Division. And also despite not being an “indy darling,” Nikki Bella quiet earned respect that WWE fans for toughing out a serious neck surgery and also making a praiseworthy comeback to the ring.

Now, Mrs. Cena-To-Be may not it is in the finest wrestler in WWE, however she definitely has the fearless drive. Nikki possesses the marketable “total Diva” human body and plainly works tough to continue to be in shape, in spite of the neck injury. She always had to preserve strength to lift enemies up onto she shoulders because that the Rack Attack and also still does this day for the Rack strike 2.0 also after surgery. Nikki may have actually that lean build, yet she still has actually the leg stamin to squat 220 pounds, i beg your pardon isn’t poor for someone who’s 5’6” weighing at 120 pounds.


5 5. Vince McMahon - 700 Lbs

He might refer come himself as the “Genetic Jackhammer” for functions not necessarily ideal for this topic, but there’s no concern that Vince McMahon is a genetic freak. It’s to be well recorded that Vince is a complete workaholic, acquiring hands on with every little thing involving his company. In spite of his micromanagement to every little thing in WWE and rebooting the XFL, the Chairman of the plank still find time come crush the gym.

If anyone thinks they can out elevator The Boss, Vince will certainly guaran-damn-tee, he’ll provide you a operation for her money. Mr. McMahon has stated that he deserve to squat an unreal 560 pounds with a negative hip at 72 years of age and could squat as much as 700 pounds for three reps in his 60s, even after the double quad blow out. Needless come say, you nothing cross the boss, especially one the lifts like Vincent Kennedy McMahon.

If friend look increase the definition of a professional wrestler, you’ll check out a picture of The Undertaker. The Phenom had a good gimmick and still is a brute the a person being. Sadly, The Undertaker only works at WrestleMania these days, through questions about Undertaker’s wellness coming increase every WrestleMania season. As result of injury and also age, speculation and concern about Taker’s deteriorating health continue to dominate the post boards. That is till The Deadman mirrors off his workouts.

even at 52, v a weathering body from decades of wrestling, The Undertaker has shown the people his capacity to squat 400 to add pounds the weight. If over there was any kind of doubt the Taker doesn’t have actually the toughness to host someone in place for a deadly Tombstone Piledriver, he simply dispelled those rumors with a solitary workout post. Whatever Undertaker’s wresting future holds, his future job of training in the gym will certainly not remainder in peace.


3 3. Randy Orton - 525 Lbs

he hears voices in his head and apparently they phone call Randy Orton no to skip leg day. While that true The Viper has actually shrunk down in dimension (for factors we deserve to only speculate), Orton is no slouch in the squat rack. Holding his opponent in ar for a hanging DDT or gaining air because that an RKO outta nowhere calls for some maintain to the foot muscles, and also Orton is happy come oblige.

because that being one of the “smaller” superstar (at least in this list), Orton deserve to still pull turn off a 525 squat at 6’5” and 250 pounds. In addition to squatting over 500 pounds, Orton can also bench 400 pounds make him stronger than that looks because that sure. Orton’s moveset doesn’t yes, really showcase his strength really much, yet he is not only able to kill legends, but kill it in his workouts as well. Just don"t bother him if he"s law work, or The Viper might kill you.

It’s hard to phone call where creative is going v Mojo Rawley through his start and also stop pushes, however we do understand that Mojo is intense and one strong S.O.B. Mojo hasn’t exactly lived up to the "hype" in the ring or ~ above Smackdown, however he certainly lives as much as it at the gym. The guy is an absolute beast in the gym and also has describe just exactly how much he can conquer in the gym in among his latest tweets.

with 600 lb weights and also a 120 pound chain, Mojo tweeted a box squat the 720 pounds, repping the weight 5 times. That’s “Mojo Risin’” for sure. V Mojo being 6’4” and weighing in ~ 265 pounds that’s pretty impressive, and it"s specifically nice to see proof of these amazing feats of strength. Mojo’s edge forearm finisher might not it is in the best, however it hurting choose hell is a lot more believable after seeing his workouts.


1 1. Nia Jax - 300 Lbs

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She’s no like most girls, that’s for dang sure. Nia Jax is the powerhouse of the Women’s department and mirrors off her amazing strength whenever she flattening a jobber. WWE’s booking hasn’t always been the finest at protecting Nia, yet the "Irresistible Force" makes a nice convincing case as to why she need to be thrust to the moon with her workout regimen.

Nia Jax has actually a many power in her reduced body, and that shines through throughout her squats. Nia has video clip evidence top top YouTube of it s her squatting 300 pounds with relative ease and getting as low as feasible with great form. That’s an ext than enough to toss any kind of of her opponents roughly the ring favor a rag doll and legitimizes the deadly leg drop the hers.

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