Jimmy butler of the Miami Heat yielded a triple-double on Thursday night in a 101-94 success over the Houston Rockets. His big production that 27 points, 10 rebounds, and 10 assists offered Butler his 6th triple-double in his quick Heat career.

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According to ESPN Statistics & Information, servant passed maybe the greatest player to wear a warmth jersey, Dwyane Wade, and also put that behind only LeBron James for most triple-doubles in team history.

Jimmy Butler has his 6th triple-double v the warm (including the playoffs).

That overcome Dwyane Wade because that 2nd-most in warmth history.

Only LeBron James has much more (14). Pic.twitter.com/tr5QawPdoo

— ESPN Stats & info (
ESPNStatsInfo) February 12, 2021

Since joining the heat last season, Butler has actually seen his intake rate boost as a do-it-all superstar for coach Erik Spoelstra. The former Marquette standout has constantly been a hard worker ~ above both ends, permitting him to create all-around numbers.

While having actually six triple-doubles isn’t specifically eye-popping these days, Butler’s feat sounds more impressive considering he has actually yet to play what would usually be referred to as a complete season through the Heat.

Due to the shortened season last year as well his extended three-week absence this year due to COVID-19, the 31-year-old Butler has only play in 71 full games for the warm in the continual season. The course, that doesn’t take right into account the hefty load he had last year’s NBA Playoffs, whereby he led the league in minutes play (806), totally free throws do (164) and also attempted (191), and also steals (41).

Butler delivered some the his ideal performances in the NBA Bubble last season ~ above the means to a surprising run to the Finals, whereby they were defeated by the Los Angeles Lakers in 6 games.

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Jimmy Butler taped two highlight triple-doubles in their inspired postseason run.



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