In a triangle there are three sides. In theadjoining number of a triangle abc we have the right to observe that the variety of trianglescontained = 3 – 2 = 1.

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In a quadrilateral there are four sides.Number that triangles consisted of in a quadrilateral = 4 – 2 = 2.

In the adjoining number of a quadrilateralABCD, if diagonal line BD is drawn, the quadrilateral will be divided into twotriangles i.e. ∆ABD and ∆BDC.


In a pentagon over there are five sides. Numberof triangles had in a pentagon = 5 – 2 = 3.

In the adjoining figure of a pentagonABCDE, on joining AC and also AD, the offered pentagon is separated into 3 trianglesi.e. ∆ABC, ∆ACD and also ∆ADE.


In a hexagon there are 6 sides. Number oftriangles had in a hexagon = 6 – 2 = 4.

In the adjoining number of a hexagon ABCDEF,on joining AC, ad and AE, the offered hexagon is split into 4 triangles i.e.∆ABC, ∆ACD, ∆ADE and ∆AEF.



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