Is over there a basic formula or means of figuring normally how much rock is essential for one application? Thanks!

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Is over there a basic formula or method of figuring normally how much rock is needed for one application? Thanks!
length x broad x depth (if every in feet) = cubic vol in cu. Ft.divide that by 27= cu. YardsTake cubic yards X 3000 split by 2000 = loads that makes presumption your gravel is riunning 3000 pounds a yard.Example 200 ft drive, 12 ft wide with 6 in of gravel would be:200 x 12 X .5 = 1200 cu ft.1200/27=44.4 cu.yards44.4 x 3000/2000= 66.7 tons. This is a "non compacted number" so depended upon how you rolled it you can gross that number up.Hope this helps
I take a guess, and also then stimulate 4x what ns think.

I take a guess, and also then bespeak 4x what i think.
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Redhorse is nice darn close. About here in W. Ky, dense grade aggregate, which is the usual white rock used on driveways, weighs 3,000 to 3,500 lbs every ton, again depending on the amount of moisture, yet usually when reasonably dry. I ordered 50 loads to usage on an existing drive. Ns calculated out approximately 325' lengthy X 8' vast X approximately 4" deep. That gave me a little under 867 cubic feet, or a tiny over 32 yards that DGA. Multiply the by 1.5 tons/yard to gain a small over 48 tons. Ns ordered 50 tons and I think the truck ran out at around 330'. I've supplied this formula on numerous other occasions and also have discovered it to be reasonably accurate.If you have actually a lot of rain just before your gravel is loaded, climate you could want to change your number up to possibly 2 tons/yard.....or just wait because that it to dry out. :thumbsup:
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I asked this question many years ago. Here is the price I obtained from a advantageous person:==================The "standard" approximately here seems to be what is locally dubbed "inch and a fifty percent crusher-run" limestone. This accumulation varies in dimension from 1.5" under to nearly powder. At the quarry that was not screened. The fines in this mix pack very tightly and supposedly type a seal the helps protect against water from percolating right into the clay (or whatever) below, and also help keep the clay from climbing up right into the stone. The surface ar hardens come a concrete-like feel, but it *will* erode if water runs down the surface on a long slope. Having actually a crown ~ above the road surface will help, yet it might be challenging to maintain a crown end the years. Limestone weighs approximately 1.4 tons per cubic yard. A big dump truck deserve to haul about 20 tons, but I've had 30 tons yielded in a solitary truck (probably overweight through law). You can order the stone by the ton quite than through the truckload. The supplier deserve to determine the best method to pack the trucks. And also don't hesitate come call much more than one place and ask because that a quote. They'll desire to recognize to where they space delivering before giving you a price, that course. Girlfriend will more than likely want the truck to "tailgate" (spread) the stone on your driveway. To perform this, there need to be a many overhead clearance. When the van bed is raised, the is fairly high. You claimed your driveway to be flat, but if some other reader has actually a steeply sloped driveway, they should recognize that the driver will most likely want to tailgate downhill to prevent the risk of was standing the dump truck up top top end. If possible, have actually the very first loads of stone spread in ~ the road finish of your driveway. That way the other trucks deserve to drive over the an initial load(s) and assist pack it together they supply subsequent loads. Amount needed for each 100 feet (in tons): ----------------- Thickness ---------------- | 4" 6" 8" 10" 12" 14" | width 8' | 15 22 29 36 43 50 broad 10' | 18 27 36 45 53 62 broad 12' | 22 32 43 53 64 75 broad 14' | 25 37 50 62 75 87 for example...400 feet long, 12 feet wide, 10" thick would require around 53 x 4 = 212 tons or approximately 10 truckloads at 21 loads per truckload.
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for me, there were no discount regardless of how much i wanted. Max limit of roads is what the limiting element for me. So ns was restricted to approx 15 lots per load. That is like fifty percent a semi trailer. The truck had 2 axles for a complete of 8 tires ~ above the back and 2 steering wheels on the front. If you desire them to spread out it because that you. By just dumping the rock as they go across the driveway, it may cost a tiny extra, numerous times not. But likewise be warned part times the chauffeurs will down appropriate refuse to carry out so. It is totally up to each driver if they desire to carry out so or not. Once they begin dumping the rock. That dump have the right to go increase 40 feet up into the air. ((height of truck plus the overlap piece that goes end the cab that the truck))rock driveways constantly need a little bit here and there over the years. If you have a place to recording a tiny extra. And have a tractor or like to spread out it. I would certainly say if no discount per pack or amount girlfriend order. Just order one truck gain it spread then stimulate next and so on.