Long department is a method for splitting numbers with multiple digits by hand. Below we watch the notation that is provided when doing long division.

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This department problem is questioning "how countless times go 6 go into 564?" To find the answer, we do long department as presented in the instance below.

How to perform lengthy division

Reading indigenous left come right, we very first want to uncover the the smallest sequence of digits (in the dividend, 564) that the divisor, 6, can get in at the very least once. 6 cannot get in the 5 in 564. Due to the fact that it can"t, relocate on come the following number formed, which is 56. 6 can go into 56 a complete of 9 time to same 54.Write the very first value of the quotient above the dividend. In this case, compose 9 over the 6 in 56 to indicate that 6 goes into 56 a complete of 9 times. The position that the number 9 is written in is important. As soon as doing lengthy division, make sure that the numbers align. The beginning point that the quotient need to be above the critical digit (reading indigenous left come right) in the the smallest sequence the numbers that the divisor deserve to go into; in this case above the 6 in 56. The next number that forms the quotient have to be written straight to the best of the first.Write the product, in this case 6 × 9 = 54, listed below 56, and also perform subtraction; in this instance there is a remainder that 2.Bring the 4 in 564 down next to the remainder to type 24, keeping in mind the alignment is important.Repeat the process starting from action 1, treating 24 as the new dividend. Continue this process as lengthy as essential until the remainder is 0, or we uncover a repeating pattern. In this case, because 6 × 4 = 24, subtract 24 indigenous 24 to acquire 0, and the long division is complete. If, on a different problem, the remainder is not 0, proceed to step 6.If there is quiet a remainder and also there room no an ext new number from the dividend to bring down, include a decimal allude and a 0, then bring the 0 down to the remainder and also continue the procedure above (including adding 0"s) till there is no much longer a remainder, or until a repeating pattern is found.

For the over example, due to the fact that the remainder is 0, the quotient is as such 94, definition that the systems to the trouble 564 ÷ 6 is 94.

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When the numbers execute not divide exactly, we have the right to either to speak the prize is the quotient and also the remainder, or we can take the trouble further v some extra steps to recognize the solution using decimals. In part cases, we deserve to find an exact solution, but in others, we deserve to only approximate the value if the decimal does no terminate. Using an example comparable to the one above, if the dividend to be 566 rather of 564:


Following step 6, when we lug 0 under to the remainder the 2, we gain 20. 6 goes right into 20 a full of 3 times to get 18, bring about a remainder that 2. No issue how many times we add and bring down a 0, the result will it is in the same, repeating decimal, for this reason the quotient is 94.3, wherein the line over the 3 indicates that that repeats indefinitely.