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I’m make the efforts to get some concepts togther around our centerpieces for the tables at the reception, however I’m not sure how plenty of we will need. We are planning for approximately 150 people. Anyone else have roughly this many people and also could provide me an idea around how plenty of tables you had actually at her reception?

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6 years back

Well you require to first figure out the size tables you have actually available. Climate you need to figure out how many world can fit in ~ those tables. Plenty of sites will certainly tell you a 60″ ring table (typical dimension for weddings) will certainly fit 8-10 people, but they yes, really don’t sit much more then 8 without world feeling favor they are sardines. Therefore if you carry out 8 human being per table climate you space looking at having 19 tables because that 150 guests.

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6 years earlier Wedding: October 2015

My to meet advised exactly how many human being they seat at every table. Our was 8 so divided it through that. Part venues have actually tables that organize 6 or 10 for this reason you need to ask them