Many recipes will contact for "1 cup of cubed sweet potatoes" or "1 cup of sliced sweet potatoes" or also "1 cup of mashed sweet potatoes" however it is not constantly easy to identify actually how numerous sweet potatoes room in a cup. In bespeak to help make food preparation easier us did some experiments to aid tell you specifically how countless sweet potato you must buy.

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To price How plenty of sweet potato in a cup we checked out the grocery save to inspect out the produce section. ~ surveying the vegetable choice we found that 1 pound of sweet potatoes is equal to 2 huge or 3 tool sweet potatoes. We chose to usage a tool sweet potato for our measurements.

We found that it took 1.25 medium sweet potato to acquire 1 cup that sliced potato. As soon as cubing, we necessary 1.3 sweet potato to reach the 1 cup mark. However, once measuring for 1 cup of mashed, 2 entirety sweet potato did the trick.

Today sweet potato fries are an extremely popular in much more trendy restaurants. Once preparing sweet potato fries at home, it take it 1.3 potatoes to result in about 1 cup.

Even though they are often confused, walk you understand that sweet potatoes and yams room not the exact same thing? castle aren"t even distantly related! Sweet potatoes originated indigenous the tropic Americas and also are part of the morning glory family; whereas yams, i beg your pardon are native to Africa and also Asia, are pertained to lilies and grasses.

Next time her recipe calls for a cup of mashed, sliced or diced sweet potatoes you"ll know how much you"ll have to purchase in ~ the store to sheathe it. Girlfriend can also use ours conversion tool below for any type of custom how numerous sweet potatoes in a..." measurements you need. If you space peeling a the majority of potatoes through hand girlfriend should absolutely look into acquiring a great vegetable peeler to greatly speed up the process. Ns feel comfortable recommending the OXO good Grips Swivel Peeler because I use it all the moment at home!


Custom Conversions because that Sweet Potato

One Sweet Potato Equals

There is generous ½ Cup (148 mls) of cook & Mashed Sweet Potato in a Sweet PotatoThere is ⅔ Cup (158 mls) that Cubed Sweet Potato in a Sweet PotatoThere is ¾ Cup (177 mls) of Sliced Sweet Potato in a Sweet Potato ns need:¼½¾11 ½22 ½33 ½44 ½5678910Teaspoon(s)Tablespoon(s)Fluid Ounce(s) in VolumeCup(s)Pint(s)Quart(s)Gallon(s)Milliliter(s)Liter(s)ofCooked & Mashed Sweet Potato Cubed Sweet Potato Sliced Sweet Potato you need1.6Sweet Potatos

Want a an intricate Cocktail?

The sweet potato (also known as sweetpotato) is a climb plant the belongs to the morning glory family which yields huge tuberous roots that space edible.

Sweet potatoes are often confused with yams. Every yams are native to Africa and also Asia and also are rarely found in the unified States. Yams belong to the plant family of flower vines, which contains lilies.

Sweet potato are typically found in the grocery store store. They have orange flesh and also smooth skin and are closer regarded the carrot 보다 the potato.


Is a Sweet Potato a Fruit or Vegetable?

A sweet potato is a vegetable. More specifically, a sweet potato is a starchy source vegetable.

What space the types of Sweet Potatoes?

There space over 400 varieties of sweet potatoes grown everywhere the world. The is a lot of sweet potatoes!

The 2 most common species of sweet potato get an impression in the United states is the orange sweet potato and the White sweet potato.

Sweet potatoes have a mildly sweet and starchy flavor as soon as cooked. As soon as baked, roasted, or fried at high temperatures, the skin becomes crispy. If oil or butter is included to the skin, it will certainly caramelize together the inside becomes tender.

Beauregard and jewels room 2 of the commonly known and classic sweet potatoes through their orange skin and also a bright orange flesh.


Sweet potato are extremely delicious once cooked and also eaten through themselves.

Similar to a baked white potato, sweet potato can likewise be french fried or baked with butter and also sour cream and also herbs.

Fried sweet potatoes are additionally delicious through honey or maple syrup, uneven the usual white potato. Heat will give the sweet potato your telltale sweetness.

Sweet potatoes space a good source of fiber, vitamins and antioxidants.


Since sweet potato are various from the common white potato, if friend have accessibility to sweet potato such together Japanese sweet potatoes, use them.

Otherwise, Yukon yellow potatoes or white potatoes an unified with cook carrots or beets will add both sweetness and color to a dish, similar to what a sweet potato will bring.

Dogs can happily eat cooking sweet potatoes. Yet it is finest not come feed her pup a life sweet potato, together it can upset a dog’s stomach or potentially reason intestinal blockage. Sweet potatoes have a wide variety of wellness benefits because that a dog yet be sure to feeding them in moderation!

Similar come a dog, a cat can eat cooking sweet potatoes. Be certain to store them indigenous ingesting the life potato.

Sweet potatoes have mannitol and also fermentation can reason gas in your gut, make you feeling bloated if you have actually mannitol sensitivities.

Before you open up her refrigerator"s crisper to keep your sweet potatoes, stop! Storing lock in the fridge will provide it an unpleasant taste and also hard center.

Instead, it is ideal to save sweet potato in a cool, dry an are such together a basement, root cellar or a dark pantry closet.


Generally speaking, sweet potatoes will last because that 1-2 weeks stored on your respond to at room temperature.

If you room storing your sweet potato in a cool, dry space, sweet potatoes can last around 1 month and also sometimes longer.

It is finest to store cut sweet potato in a container or bag v an airtight lid in the refrigerator.

It is ideal to keep your cut sweet potato in crisper in her refrigerator where temperature is controlled and also where the is exposed to less air.

One way to for sure they will last much longer is to save them in cold water v an airtight container in the refrigerator"s crisper.


Absolutely! The best method to frozen sweet potato is to very first blanch them before freezing, since sweet potatoes have actually high water content.

To blanch the sweet potatoes prior to freezing, cook water and include the sweet potatoes, cook them because that 1 hour or much more until tender. ~ letting lock cool, wrap the potato in aluminum silver paper or parchment paper and place in an airtight freezer bag and place in the freezer.

There are plenty of ways to cut a sweet potato, all you have to do is come think the the means that a typical white potato deserve to be prepared and also viola! The sweet potato will carry out the same, such together slice, chop, cube, dice, and mince.


It’s simple to clean a sweet potato! all it bring away is a tiny scrubbing under running water making use of your fingers, a sponge, dishcloth or a potato scrub brush.

The skins of sweet potatoes are totally edible and also some people say that is the tastiest (and healthiest!) component of the sweet potato.

For most recipes, the skin the the potato will certainly be eliminated by a vegetable peeler or little knife.

Some civilization will save the peelings and also cook castle in a skillet and make delicious and crispy hash browns.

All the takes is a vegetables knife and also a for sure hand to part a sweet potato.

If you have to slice a the majority of sweet potatoes, a mandoline slicer will make fast work that it.


Chopping or cubing sweet potato is simply a matter of taking a an excellent vegetable knife and also cutting it into uneven chunks.

Dicing sweet potato is similar to chopping sweet potatoes, the only distinction is that dicing involves much more uniformed sizes and also mincing is dicing into even smaller uniformed sizes.


How to zest Sweet Potatoes

It is no recommended to zest sweet potatoes.

How come Mash or Puree Sweet Potatoes

Mashed sweet potatoes room both a delicacy and also should it is in an every day side dish!

The easiest way to mash sweet potatoes is to bring a pot of water to cook and add chopped sweet potatoes and also let it chef until a knife conveniently slips in the flesh. Drainpipe your sweet potatoes and mash using a potato masher, a ricer, or one immersion blender v butter and seasonings.

Pureeing sweet potato is comparable to mashing. After ~ draining, rather of mashing, location them in a blender with some of the scheduled liquid and also puree until smooth.

Grating or shredding sweet potato by hand is straightforward with a box grater. Some people will opt for an less complicated route by using a grater attachments on their food processor.

Many civilization will opt to leave the skin on prior to grating, however that is an ext of a an individual preference.


While sweet potato juice isn’t the most renowned juiced vegetables, you actually have the right to juice them! they are full of nutrients and have a healthy and balanced dose of beta carotene.

It is best to use a juicer because that juicing life sweet potatoes.

Does a Sweet Potato have actually Seeds and also Can i Eat Them? just how do I eliminate the Seeds?

A sweet potato does not have seeds.

Can i Eat Sweet Potato Greens?

Yes! Sweet potato greens are not just edible, they are delicious! They can be prepared choose spinach or turnip greens.


How to store Sweet Potato

General just how to store Sweet Potato Info

There are plenty of varieties that sweet potatoes; some of the much more common ones are: Beauregard, Covington, Jersey, Jewell, Kotobuki (Japanese), and also Okinawan (purple), Goldrush, Georgia Red, Centennial, O"Henry, and also Evangeline.

Short term Sweet Potato Storage

Do not save raw sweet potato in the refrigerator.

Keep unwashed sweet potatoes in a cool, dry ar away from light to extend shelf life; these space a good item to save in her pantry. Castle will store for around 2 weeks.

Cooked whole or pureed sweet potatoes save 1 mainly in the refrigerator.

Sweet Potato long Term Storage

If you store sweet potato a cooler location, around 55°F (12.8°C), they will maintain their freshness for a month.

Cooked, mashed sweet potato freeze well.

Sweet Potato next Notes

Many people think a sweet potato and also yam are the same vegetable; technically they room different. Sweet potatoes are members that the morning glory family, and originate from southern America; they are a moister and also sweeter vegetable than the yam. Yams are a member the the yam family (closely concerned lilies) and also originate indigenous West Africa and Asia. Yams room drier and also starchier 보다 sweet potatoes.

Sweet Potato Recipes

Sous Vide Sweet Potato Pie jar Recipe

If you want to gain into the heart of Thanksgiving and have pie, however don"t desire to do a classic one, these tiny babies space for you! single serving sous vide sweet potato pie is a an excellent finish to her Thanksgiving dinner and also will leave everyone happy.

Southwestern Sous Vide Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

The sweet of sous vide sweet potatoes is perfectly balance out by the spices and poblano pepper in this recipe, leading to a complex mix of flavors that is a great addition to plenty of meals. You deserve to serve this alongside practically any protein, but chicken and turkey room my go-to alternatives with it. I likewise will take it this when we do potluck dinners with friends because it travel well.

Sous Vide Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes space a classic holiday dinner staple. Making use of sous vide help you for sure they are perfectly cooked and come the end tender with loads of flavor. This cooking recipes candies the sweet potatoes for even much more flavor.

Spicy Sous Vide Sweet Potato Salad Recipe

Sweet potatoes space a favourite food approximately my house and also I"m constantly looking at means to incorporate them into an ext dishes. To do them an ext convenient I frequently sous vide sweet potatoes.Here ns take sous vide sweet potatoes cubes and combine castle in a salad with beans and corn. The chipotle to add a pretty burn to the normally super sweet potatoes and helps rotate this right into a savory salad.

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Produce Converter can likewise be used to figure out how countless vegetables to buy when you need, for instance, "A cup the diced onion." You can use our easy conversion tool to number out exactly how numerous onions you must buy at the save in order to finish up through the amount you require for your cooking.

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