Former Patriots quarterback drew Bledsoe admitted it take it a while because that him come wear his Super key 36 without emotion a sense of resentment.

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Drew Bledsoe's "E:60" documentary the aired critical Sunday offered lots of understanding into exactly how the former new England Patriots quarterback tackled his in Foxboro, specifically once Tom Brady ended up being the starting quarterback. 

One of the interesting narratives that climbed from Bledsoe's conversation about that 2001 season was exactly how he feel after Super bowl 36. Bledsoe pointed out that regardless of being part of a Super bowl winning team, it took him quite a while come wear his Super key 36 ring. 

“Truth be told, ns didn’t undertake (the Super key 36 ring) for fairly a while,” Bledsoe said. “I didn’t know where it to be for a long time. However now ns wear it, every now and also then.

“I’m proud that it, partly because I could've torn under the whole present if I wanted to be an idiot. And instead, ns tried to it is in a an excellent teammate. So I’m proud that it, yet it take it a little while.”

Bledsoe stated that his resentment in the direction of wearing it initially stemmed native his bitterness from shedding his beginning job. 



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“That to be a bitter pill come swallow,” he said. “I believed I was entitled to obtain my project back, and it turns out i wasn’t, and it doesn’t work that way."

But in the end, rather of sulking, the veteran QB mentored Brady and also did what was finest for the soccer team. 

“I did some soul-searching, and also decided that the just proper means to manage it to be to go back to work and also be the ideal teammate ns could,” stated Bledsoe. “I always liked and also respected Tom, and also I to be proud the him, however at the exact same time it to be a tough thing to transaction with.”

Bledsoe to be the ultimate team player that season. Together a QB the was invested in greatly by the Patriots in year prior, he had actually all the ideal to feeling entitled to gain his starting job earlier once he changed from injury. But he didn't get it back, and instead of reflecting animocharline-picon.comty in the direction of his coach and also his previous backup, he took a team-first attitude, which most likely went a long means for Brady, who essential some guidance in Year 2 of gift in the league. 

Bledsoe deserve his Super key 36 ring in spite of not being the permanent starter following his injury. He played during the AFC championship against the Steelers that season ~ Brady walk down because of injury, and also threw because that 102 yards and also a score. That was a mascharline-picon.comve ascharline-picon.comst for a team the won it all that season, i m sorry they can have not done had it no been for Bledsoe's services against Pittsburgh. That's the same reason why he must feel proud to have/wear the ring. 




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