How lot does it expense to strip and wax a floor every square foot?

Strip and also wax work are charged by the square foot. The price you fee your client can vary because of several factors, but the national typical is 30 come 60 cent per square foot.

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How execute you calculation stripping and waxing floors?

Example – Strip and Wax 10,000sf VCT

Cost of stripper (10,000 sq ft / 1,000 sq ft every gallon = 10 gallons x $15 = ($150) = 1.5 cents per square foot.Cost of finish (5 coats x 10,000 sq ft / 2000 sq ft per gallon = 25 gallons x $14ea = $350) = $.035 cents per square foot ($350)Cost of pads, mops, etc. (

How lot is it to wax a floor?

Strip & Wax Floor price HomeWyse claims that average cost to strip and also wax a floor is around $174. The lowest price you might expect to salary is around $148 if the highest expense is around $200. This cost estimate is based upon a 314 sq ft room. This makes the average cost of stripping and waxing a floor in ~ $1.80 per sq ft.

How lengthy does it require to strip and also wax a floor?

The team at ServiceMaster of Kalamazoo are experts that monitor the important steps and techniques, using an effective equipment in bespeak to produce a spotless, protective, and also attractive end up to her floors in about 7 hours. Take it a look in ~ our strip and also wax procedure.

How plenty of square feet have the right to one human clean per hour?

Length x width = square footage. Example: 25 feet x 15 feet = 375 square feet. The time to clean is based upon your production rate (how countless square feet you can clean in one hour). 25,000 square feet separated by 6 hour = 4,166.66 square feet every hour.

How countless square feet will certainly 5 gallons of wax cover?

This 5-gallon container covers roughly 10,000 square feet (2,000 square feet per gallon). A 1-gallon container is also available from 1877FloorGuy for your convenience. Directions: Block off areas to be stripped or finished.

When you strip a floor what is the minimum coats the wax you apply?

three coatsSince wax is expensive and cannot be poured ago into the bucket, don’t pour more wax 보다 you need. To gain the appearance you desire on a recently stripped floor normally forced three coats, permitting adequate time in between coats (approximately a half hour come forty-five minutes if the humidity is high).

How much does it price to wax a gym floor?

How lot does gym floor refinishing cost? The average price for gym floor refinishing is in between $2.00 and $3.00 every square foot, relying on the price factors detailed below.

How lengthy does that take for floor wax to cure?

It is a good idea to enable as much time as feasible for every the coats come cure and adhere before allowing foot traffic across the floor. Generally 8 hrs of curing is adequate before opening it approximately the public. 72 hours is the recommended time for fresh finish to cure before burnishing.

What is the best floor wax remover?

11 best Floor Wax Removers

Rejuvenate every Floors Restorer. Weiman Hardwood Floor Cleaner and also Polish Restorer. Goo unable to do Pro-Power. Orange-sol De-solv-it Remover. Trewax prompt Wax Remover. Liberon Wax and Polish Remover. Zep Floor Stripper. Lundmark High power Wax Remover.

How much does it cost to clean a 3000 sq ft house?

House Cleaning costs Per Square Foot

Home dimension in Square FeetCost

How many square feet can a custodian clean in 8 hours?

18,000 come 20,000 square feetA custodian deserve to clean approximately 18,000 to 20,000 square feet in one 8-hour shift. Level 3 cleaning is the norm for many school facilities.

How much does a gallon that floor wax cost?

Stripping and buffing makers need instead of pads, stripping solutions and buffering compounds. Instead of pads generally cost $6-$10. Stripping solutions cost $15-$25 every gallon. Floor wax generally costs $20-$50 per gallon.

Does Bona Polish have actually wax in it?

* Bona timber Floor Polish consists of wax. Stop wax, vinegar and also “all-purpose” cleaners, since they dull the floor’s finish. Perform not allow sand, dust or grit develop up.

Do girlfriend buff in between coats the wax?

After applying your last coat that wax, let that dry for at least 24 hours before buffing or making use of your furniture. This will give the wax time come adhere to the furniture and last longer. Use a lint-free fabric to buff the furniture.

Does vinegar eliminate floor wax?

Cleaning waxed surfaces – vinegar disappear the wax, and should not be provided to clean waxed furniture. However, vinegar is a reliable choice for remove an old cloak of wax native a surface. Come clean waxed surfaces, a wax cleaning solvent have to be provided instead.

How frequently should a gym floor it is in waxed?

every 5 come 10 yearsThere’s no “set time” because that this, yet it is usually recommended the gymnasium floors have to be refinished every 5 come 10 year – or as quickly as you notification cracking, chipping, or any other type of damage to the floor finish.

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How regularly should girlfriend recoat a gym floor?

Q: How often should girlfriend screen and recoat your gym floor? A: industry standards recommend screening and also coating every 6 month to 1 year (depending on usage of area). Consistent screening and also recoating end the life time of your gym floors will aid them last lot longer.