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Breeding Miniature, standard or large Schnauzers calls for thorough health and wellness screenings and clearances. Moreover, the Schnauzer has a loved flexibility as it deserve to be a beloved family members pet, a working farm dog, or also a cattle guard dog.

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When wondering just how to each other Schnauzers, you need to additionally consider the individuality and also uniqueness of every breed that forms the Schnauzer empire. Standard are the original ones, but they have actually been declined into Giant and Mini Schnauzers come respond come a real need of the market back then. Today, different world desire a various flavor and size that Schnauzer.

Different each other of Schnauzers

Schnauzers are decreased in three distinct breeds:

Standard,Miniature, andGiant.

All Schnauzers are recognizable through a whiskered face and also “old man” eyebrows. All have actually a double-layered coat consist of of a soft undercoat covered by a wired top coat. Agree colors encompass all black, salt and pepper, and also black and silver/gray. All white and also other shade patterns are considered to it is in nonstandard in the joined States.

Cropped ear (where permitted by law) are preferred by part breeders and also docked tails are compelled in part registries such as the AKC.


Standard Schnauzers space the prototype of all the breeds designated as “Schnauzer”. Traditional Schnauzers space a medium-sized dog weighing about 40 pounds. The AKC sets weights at 35-50 pounds because that dogs and 35-45 pounds for bitches. In ~ the withers, the standard Schnauzer should be 18.5 -19.5 customs (males) and 17.5-18.5 inches (females).

The conventional Schnauzer to be a general farm yard dog i beg your pardon was arisen in Germany. The Mittelschnauzer (as that is recognized in Germany) has actually a background traceable come the 14-15th centuries. The was very first shown in the UK as the Wire-haired Pinscher in the so late 1800s. Its name was readjusted in 1879. The breed was officially known by the AKC in 1904 but was a rarity in the United states until after world War I. The AKC in 1926 detailed the conventional Schnauzer in its Terrier Group. It was moved ago to the Working team in 1946 and remains detailed there today.


The Miniature Schnauzer was bred down and included the enhancement of other breeds like the Miniature Pinscher. The each other standard needs the miniature was standing 12-14 inches in ~ the withers. Dog or bitches in ~ this range of 12-14 inches are disqualified in conformation showings. The load of the miniature must be 11-20 pounds.

The Miniature Schnauzer was offered on German farms as a ratter. The tenacious tiny dog share no bloodlines v the terriers offered for vermin manage in great Britain. That was very first shown as beforehand as 1899. The AKC identified it as a separate breed native the standard in 1933. The AKC put the Miniature Schnauzer in the Terrier Group.


Giant Schnauzers room the 3rd breed the Schnauzer well-known by the world’s most developed registries. The AKC standard sets the end the elevation of the each other to it is in 25.5-27.5 customs (male) and also 23.5-25.5 inch (female). Weights are set at 60-85 pounds (male) and also 55-75 pounds (female).

This bigger specimen of Schnauzer was bred by including the bloodlines of larger dogs like great Dane. This reproduction resulted in a dog capable of driving cattle and doing guard and protection work. During people War I, Germany provided Giants for police work. The gigantic Schnauzer was well-known by the AKC in 1930. The AKC lists the in its working Group.


The fourth classification of Schnauzer is the Toy/Teacup variety. Over there is a industry for this extremely little Schnauzers yet they room not a recognized breed. The AKC parent club that miniature Schnauzers emphasizes the these dog are simply undersized minis and warns consumers about paying premium prices because that them.

Background of Schnauzers

A dog as affluent as the Schnauzer comes v a dense history – they have actually fulfilled countless jobs come perfection transparent the centuries! Painters have actually highlighted castle in masterpieces and also writers admitted your bottomless love for the breed. Also today, Schnauzers are among the most renowned dog each other in Western countries – especially the Miniature Schnauzer!


As pointed out above, the standard Schnauzer is the earliest of the Schnauzer breeds. It has a long background and notable history in Germany. The dog was supplied as a general all-purpose farm yard dog more than likely as beforehand as the Middle periods for vermin control and also driving the livestock. The surname “Schnauzer” comes from the German word for “snout” or “mustache”. Bloodlines of the German Pinscher, Poodle, wolf Spitz, and also Bolognese dog may have been included at various points in time.

Breeding Schnauzers start with discovering what Schnauzer breed size you prefer to work-related with.

Litter Size and also C-Sections

Standard Schnauzers have actually an typical of 6 puppies every litter. The selection is frequently 3-8 puppies. Bear complications room not usual for this breed and also the number of c-sections for whelping is listed below average among all dog breeds. The Standard’s square proportions attitude no usual obstacles in the common mating for and whelping of offspring.

Giant Schnauzers have an average of 8 puppies in a litter. The selection can it is in anything between 4-10. The breed commonly has a huge square develop which helps for the natural delivery of puppies. C-Sections are not generally required in the whelping of huge Schnauzer pups.

Miniature Schnauzer has an median of 6 puppies every litter. Litter size can variety on the lower end for smaller bitches. Those owners that attempt to each other undersized Miniature Schnauzers as “Toy” or “Teacup” will encounter much reduced litter sizes (including singletons) and a greater percentage need for operation deliveries.

Purposes and also Jobs

All 3 breeds of Schnauzers greatly serve as a an excellent companion and also family dog. Their usage as a general farm dog has actually largely become relegated to history. Giant Schnauzers still have actually some usefulness in acting together a safety animal. They present up and also do well in competitions the Schutzhund and are intelligent sufficient for search and rescue work. Other breeds, nevertheless, have overshadowed Schnauzers follow me the sides of police and military personnel. The Miniature will periodically be employed as a comfort pet or treatment dog.

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Standard Schnauzers have actually been supplied to sniff the end explosives and cancer. A champion conventional Schnauzer called Ch. & OTCH Tailgates George VonPickel, UDX or “George” (the mid-1990s) worked for two years in the Tallahassee Florida Police Department together an explosive-detecting dog. George to be recruited in an speculative study using dogs to sniff out skin and lung cancer. Clinical research in the use of dog (of assorted breeds consisting of the conventional Schnauzer) to detect cancer in human beings has had actually mixed results.